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Transformations are a pretty common thing in DragonBall. From the various stages of Super Saiyan, to the various villains and their grotesque stages... it's not unheard of to see three or four forms of the same character! These transformations generally take place when the power of a character is simply too great for their present physical form to take. While a guide like this seems to be on every little DB site that you go to, we're going to (obviously, in our traditional style) add something to the mix. We're going to be complete, true to the original, and hopefully be as accurate as we can be!

SAIYAN (Super Saiyan, Ôzaru, etc.)

We traditionally think of three main stages of SSJ, but what about the Ôzaru stages from both the original and GT, and GT's very own SSJ4? Who actually reaches these stages... such controversy! [ enter ]

Total Stages: 11
Normal, Ôzaru, Quasi-SSJ, SSJ, "Beyond" SSJ, Full-Power SSJ, Legendary, SSJ2, SSJ3, Golden Ôzaru, SSJ4
FREEZA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th-Form / 100%, Mecha-Freeza)

Freeza shows off a variety of forms, being one of the first characters that must actually change his physical form in order to harness this extreme power. While the first two transformations make him larger, the fourth form... well... doesn't! [ enter ]

Total Stages: 5
Freeza's 1st, Freeza's 2nd, Freeza's 3rd, Freeza's 4th, Mecha-Freeza
CELL (1st, 2nd-form, kanzentai, etc.)

While Cell didn't have the number of transformation as many other villains, he did have some of the most interesting ones. Whether it be his bug-like first form, all the way up to the Pope of "Perfect Cell," he's always on the move and always changing! [ enter ]

Total Stages: 6
Baby Cell, Larva Cell, 1st Form, 2nd Form, kanzentai, kanzentai after spitting up Jinzôningen #18
BUU (Mr. Buu, Super Buu, Chibi Buu, etc.)

The character with, easily, the most stages and transformations throughout the entire series. Absorbing one character after another (including himself!), Buu's forms were always amusing and fun to look at. [ enter ]

Total Stages: 10
Majin Buu (Fat), Majin Buu (Skinny), Majin Buu (Buu + Buu), Majin Buu (Buu + Gotenks), Majin Buu (Buu + Piccolo), Majin Buu (Buu + Gohan), Majin Buu (Chibi), Majin Buu (Buu + Kaiôshins), Majin Buu (losing evil in split), Uub
FUSION (Namekian, Dance, Potara)

"Fusion" was one of the most interesting concepts introucted in DragonBall, and was a way to get even further powered-up characters without resorting to more ridiculous "Super Saiyan" stages. [ enter ]

Total Stages: 6
Piccolo (+Nail), Piccolo (+Nail +Kami-sama), Old Kaiôshin, Gotenks, Kibito-shin, Vegetto, Gogeta
MOVIE VILLAIN CHARACTERS (Garlic Jr., Coola, #13, etc.)

You're not a movie villain unless you've got a super powerful transformation to go through! Whether it be Garlic Jr. and his giant form, to Tullece eating the sacred fruit, to Jinzôningen # 13's "Integrated" form, to Broli's insane number of Super Saiyan versions, to Janenba's crazy self... they're all wacky, and they were all defeated! [ enter ]

Total Stages: 26
Too many to list... see inside!

While the first Budokai game only had one special form for a character, the second game took it to a whole new level with original fusions, and even brought to life a potential fusion that was a mere thought of a character in the original series! [ enter ]

Total Stages: 10
Cell+Kuririn, Buu+Tenshinhan/Yamcha, Buu+Gohan, Buu+Vegeta, Buu+Freeza, Buu+Cell, Buu+Gotenks, Buu+Majin Freeza+Majin Cell, Yamhan, Gotan