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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Transformations Guide - Buu  

Buu's transformations are similar to both the Saiyans and Cell. Some of Buu's transformations are caused by anger and a need to change the physical shape to hold this power, while others are caused by absorptions of other characters (such as Gotenks and Piccolo). Some of Buu's transformations are caused by the "venting" of steam, energy, and physical manifestations, as seen on the right. Just like Cell, however, you can always tell that Buu is Buu; the over-all pink color remains, along with the antenna on his head.

This is pure speculation, but when "Super" Buu begins his absorptions of other characters, he appears to take the clothing and physical appearance of the "strongest" character he currently has within him. See below for more information. Also, please note that almost every "name" of a form/transformation for Majin Buu are fan-created names. While some were later adopted by FUNimation (and almost used as "fact"), the truth is that they simply originated with fans and their need to distinguish forms.

Note: the Japanese wording for Buu's main four forms are taken from the fourth daizenshuu.

Majin Buu transformation timeline (chronological in terms of storyline, not viewership):

(Starting Point):
Chibi Buu (the original creation by Bibidi)
"Buff Buu":
Chibi Buu + absorbs Southern Kaiôshin
"Fat Buu":
Buff Buu + absorbs Dai Kaiôshin
"Fat Buu" & "Evil Buu":
Fat Buu - venting of evil
"Super Buu":
Evil Buu + eats Fat Buu
"Super Buu":
Super Buu + absorbs Gotenks
"Super Buu":
Super Buu + (Goten + Trunks) + absorbs Piccolo
"Super Buu":
Super Buu + (Goten + Trunks + Piccolo) + absorbs Gohan
"Chibi Buu":
Super Buu - (Goten + Trunks + Piccolo + Gohan)
Original Chibi Buu & "Mr. Buu":
Chibi Buu - spits out "Mr Buu"
Chibi Buu + reincarnation


The "first" form we see of Buu's is when Babidi finally succeeds in resurrecting him. When Buu appears, Babidi is in complete shock, but Kaiôshin is fearful for his life. Why would Babidi be at such a loss, while Kaiôshin cannot seem to overcome his fear? Babidi seems to think that something went wrong during the resurrection process. That's not quite true, but there is more to the story of Majin Buu...

In this first "fat" form, Buu is really just an innocent child with an insane amount of power. Buu doesn't quite understand the concept of "right" and "wrong," but instead just wants to have fun and have a friend! Death and destruction are his ways of having fun, until told to stop by Mr. Satan (because he is just a nice guy that honestly tried to befriend Majin Buu! *snicker*... yeah, right!).

DBZ Episode 232; Manga Chapter 460
"Fat" Majin Buu; incredibly strong, easily persuaded, with a childlike innocence.

When Bay (the dog) is shot, Majin Buu goes into an uncontrollable fury. His only two friends, Mr. Satan and Bay, are now reduced to one. While Buu is ultimately able to heal Bay, the repercussions of the attack are too great.

The attack on Bay prompts Majin Buu to vent out an incredible amount of steam from the vents on his head; it appears that he is actually venting out, in a physical manifestation, all of the evil intents and thoughts he holds inside of himself! What emerges is a skinny, gray, "evil" Majin Buu that attacks the "Fat" Majin Buu. His speed and power surpass "Fat" Buu, and eventually turns him into a cookie and eats him! This "absorbing" of the "Fat" buu results in the changing into "Super" Buu, as seen below.

NOTE: Technically, once Majin Buu vents out the "Evil" Buu, he becomes "Mr. Buu" (as further described below). Since he's only around for a short time at this point, we will discuss him in more detail, later.

DBZ Episode 255; Manga Chapter 485
"Evil" Majin Buu; stronger than "Fat" Buu, non-vocal, gray-colored. Turns "Fat" Buu into a cookie and eats him, resulting in "Super" Buu.

When the "Evil" Buu eats the "Fat" Buu cookie, the result is a tall, skinny (but buff) "Super" Buu. This Buu speaks a lot more than the previous two forms, and seems to enjoy cracking his neck quite a bit. He is extremely impatient (even more so than "Fat" Buu was), and won't hesitate to not only let you know verbally, but let you know with violence.

"Super" Buu desires to fight the strongest adversary that can be found. When he is promised such a fighter, he actually (willingly) chooses to wait and fight this person!

This fighter is actually the fusion of Goten and Trunks, Gotenks; the two boys are training / sleeping in the Room of Spirit and Time). Buu is unable to wait the full time necessary for the boys to prepare, and begins to go a little crazy. Wasting no time killing every single last human being on Earth (with the exception of Mr. Satan; the "Fat" Buu inside of him still seems to have some power over his mind), Buu demands Piccolo take him to the fighter. Piccolo leads Buu (the long way!) to the Room of Spirit and Time to fight Gotenks.

Buu is much stronger than Gotenks in regular Super Saiyan form, but does make the mistake of allowing a few attacks to connect (such as the "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack") that do quite a bit of damage to him. While SSJ3 Gotenks is clearly stronger than this "Super" Buu, Buu (unfortunately) comes up with a plan, and Gotenks becomes absorbed!

DBZ Episode 255; Manga Chapter 485
When "Evil" Buu eats the "Fat" Buu cookie, the result is a tall, thin (but incredibly buff) "Super" Buu. "Super" Buu enjoys cracking his neck, is extremely impatient, and desires to fight the strongest foe, no matter what it takes in order to do so.

When "Super" Buu is unable to defeat Gohan (and is, in fact, quite outclassed by Gohan's new "Mystic" power-up from Old Kaiôshin!), he takes matters into his own hands, and begins to absorb the other fighters. First on the list is Gotenks!

Buu surrounds Gotenks with part of his body that has been ripped off, and brings it back to his main body, completely absorbing the fighter. In this new form, Majin Buu's power increases even more than before. In addition, the antenna on his head grows in length (due to Gotenks' SSJ3 form and its long hair). Buu even adapts some of Gotenks's moves in this form (such as the "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack" that hit him, earlier, now featuring mini ghost Buus!). Buu doesn't stop with Gotenks, though...

DBZ Episode 265; Manga Chapter 499
When "Super" Buu absorbs Gotenks, his antenna grows a great deal down his back, and he wears a fusion vest. Buu can also use Gotenks's attacks, including the "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack."

Fearful of Gohan and his new-found power, Buu opts to go after Piccolo, as well as Gohan. This is actually an interesting choice (not to mention a perfect one) on Buu's part; why not go after one of the most intelligent fighters in the entire series? Time after time, Piccolo had demonstrated that while he's not always the most powerful, his fighting techniques and incredible displays of intelligence during battles have allowed him to go head to head with even the toughest foes (IE - Cell Jr.).

Buu actually remains the same as his Gotenks form, even after absorbing Piccolo, until the fusion time runs out. It is only here that the fusion vest disappears and he is left with Piccolo's outfit. Despite the physical form of Gotenks taking precedence, Buu does seem to exhibit traits of Piccolo immediately after absorbing him (such as a somewhat different, more "noble" way of speaking, and by the way he mentally toys with Gohan). Note that when Goku and Vegeta are absorbed by Buu, Goten and Trunks have their own individual pods within Buu (which is why this cannot be classified as a "Gotenks" absorption, per say). Buu's power does not necessary increase by much, but of course, his intelligence goes up a notch.

DBZ Episode 267; Manga Chapter 502
Note that this absorption takes place in episode 265 / chapter 499, but this specific form of Buu (with Piccolo's outfit) appears in the numbers listed above. When "Super" Buu absorbs Piccolo, his looks remain the same until Gotenks's fusion time runs out. At this point, Buu wears Piccolo's cape. In this form, Buu now has the strength of Gotenks plus the fighting intelligence of Piccolo.

When Goku arrives back on the scene, ready to fuse with Gohan to create an ultimate fighter, Buu knows he has to, again, take measures into his own hands. Buu absorbs Gohan, leaving Goku with only Mr. Satan and Dende to choose from!

In this form, Buu loses Piccolo's cape and the fusion vest, choosing to wear Gohan's orange gi, instead. The long antenna stays on his head, though. Power? Through the roof! With the "Fat" Majin Buu, Gotenks, Piccolo, and now Gohan as his disposable... Majin Buu almost seems like he would be an undefeatable foe! Goku's got something up his sleeve, though, when Vegeta returns to the battlefield... the fusion earrings are still good! Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegetto, who is more than a match for Majin Buu, even with all his new strength. Majin Buu turns Vegetto into candy, but the world's strongest coffee candy still packs a wallop! Buu even tries to infect Vegetto, but it's no use... Vegetto is too strong. What's left to do? Try absorbing Vegetto, of course! Vegetto lets himself be absorbed, but puts up a barrier before completely going in.

When Vegetto lands inside of Majin Buu, the fusion of Vegetto is torn apart back into Goku and Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta begin to tear apart the friends and family absorbed, when they come across... "Fat" Majin Buu! Once everyone is ripped out, and they all escape through a pore, Buu begins to undergo his strangest transformation, yet!

DBZ Episode 267; Manga Chapter 502
"Super" Buu goes after Gohan, next. In this form, Buu completely has rid himself of the fusion vest and Piccolo's cape, keeping only the SSJ3 hair length antenna. He now wears Gohan's orange gi.

Once Goku and his friends are ripped from the innards of the new "Super" Buu and "Fat" Buu is disconnected, somehow the absolutely original Majin Buu is all that remains! This may seem (and is) completely confusing; if everyone is ripped out of "Super" Buu (being Gotenks, Piccolo, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta; "Fat" Buu is disconnected on the inside)... all that should remain is "Gray/Evil" Buu, just as he was before he started absorbing people.

However, what we have is the original form of Buu, as created by the magician Bibidi (Babidi's father). This Buu is chibi (small) in form; basically, a diminutive "Super" Buu. This Buu, however, never really speaks, instead choosing to make strange chirping and bellowing noises, yelping and flopping around like a combination between a newborn baby and a monkey!

This Buu has the ability to learn techniques simply by watching them, nevermind experiencing them (as seen by his teleporting to Kaiôshin's planet after watching Goku use Shunkan-idô, where-as Cell had to actually be in the teleportation to use it). The strength and speed of this Buu are nearly incomprehensible; Goku and Vegeta are no match, and with Vegeta's earring crushed, fusion cannot be attained. This new Buu is ultimately defeated by Goku with a giant Genki-Dama comprised of energy donated from every human on Earth, but not before doing one last "transformation"...

DBZ Episode 278; Manga Chapter 508
Once Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan are removed from Buu by Goku and Vegeta, Buu reverts to his original form... a chibi version of Buu! Buu is non-vocal, except for his incessant yelping. His speed and strength are nearly unmatched, and he is able to learn new techniques simply by watching them be performed.
MAJIN BUU ("MR. BUU"; loss of evil after split)

When Chibi Buu is formed and begins attacking people, there is still one person he cannot bring himself to hit... Mr. Satan. Buu remembers how Mr. Satan befriended him and treated him so well, but still desires to let the evil take over and destroy, destroy, destroy!

Buu hunches over, cluching his head in pain, spits something out... and... what's this?!

Out comes the "Fat" Majin Buu?! With "Fat" Buu out of his system, Buu truly has come back to his original, pure evil form! However, the other Buu (sometimes called "Mr. Buu") is now a Buu without any evil, what-so-ever, in his system. He is a pure-hearted fighter and even tries to help out in the battle by attacking Chibi Buu!

When you really sit back and think about it, he shouldn't be able to co-exist with Chibi Buu... but whatever!

DBZ Episode 282; Manga Chapter 512
When "Chibi" Buu becomes frustrated with not being able to attack Mr. Satan, he vents and spits out the older, "Fat" Majin Buu. This "Mr. Buu" does not contain the evil that "Chibi" Buu has, and instead fights alongside Goku and the others.

MAJIN BUU (+SOUTHERN KAIÔSHIN; anime-only flashback)

In an anime-only flashback right after Buu degenerates into his "Chibi" form, the viewers are treated to a story showcasing just how the "Fat" Majin Buu came to be! When Bibidi created Majin Buu, they attacked the five Kaiôshin (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Dai Kaiôshin) of the universe (the only one remaining, from the East, being the one we know from our present timeline who appeared with Kibito).

Majin Buu killed two Kaiôshin (Northern and Western), but managed to absorb two others before being sealed away by the Kaiôshin that we know! Buu first absorbs the Southern Kaiôshin, and transforms into an incredibly "buff" version of himself shown above (which increases his strength quite dramatically, apparently). After this, Buu absorbs another fat, jolly old man... Dai Kaiôshin. When Buu absorbed this Kaiôshin... the "Fat" Majin Buu that is first introduced to us is formed! The fat, jolly Kaiôshin holds back some of Buu's power when absorbed, and turns him into an almost innocent, child-like monster.

Note that in the manga, this "form" is somewhat seen, but only as a middle-ground during Buu's full transformation into Chibi Buu. The full series of events (and Buu actually walking around in this stage) is seen only in the anime-exclusive flashback.

DBZ Episode 279; Manga Chapter 507
Bibidi's original Buu kills one Kaiôshin, but absorbs two others. After absorbing the fat, jolly Kaiôshin, Buu turns into the "Fat" Buu that we are first introduced to earlier in the series.


As he destroys Chibi Buu with a giant Genki-Dama, Goku wishes that he could one day fight Buu again. Enma-daiô hears Goku's request, and works a little afterlife magic. Little does anyone know, but Buu is being reincarnated... without evil... as a human child!

At the 28th Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Goku realizes that a new, strong challenger awaits him... in the form of a scared, poor little boy named "Uub" ("Buu" spelled backwards). Goku forces this child to show his hidden powers by verbally and physically attacking him; everyone is astounded to see such a young child (really only grade-school age) display such incredible power.

Goku, always the terrible father and husband that he is, decides to take off with Uub and train. And so ends DragonBall (and thus DragonBall Z) with Goku leaving with this child to train! Of course, 10 years later they will re-emerge from Dende's Palace when DragonBall GT begins... but that's a completely new story, one which involves yet another transformation of Majin Buu!

DBZ Episode 289; Manga Chapter 518
Enma-daiô grants Goku's wish to fight Buu again, someday, and has him reincarnated (without the evil) as a human boy. Uub comes from a poor village, and arrives at the 28th Tenka-ichi Budôkai, much to Goku's delight. Goku leaves with Uub to train at the end of the series.

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