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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Transformations Guide - Movie Characters  

The DragonBall Z movies all seem to revolve around villains that, in one way or another, transform into different stages and/or forms of themselves. It's classic DBZ formula; our heroes seem to have the upper-hand, right up until the point where the villain reveals that he has enormous power reserved for these situations, obtained through some type of transformation! Yadda yadda yadda, they transform, our heroes do the same thing, we all walk home happy!

In fact, the only movie that doesn't seem to have any type of real transformation is DBZ movie two; Dr. Uiro breaks out from behind the wall already in his giant mecha-type unit, while Dr. Kochin was just a cyborg the entire time (and thus able to attach machine guns to his arms). Every single other DBZ movie features at least one transforming villain, and this is our guide to these (sometimes absurd) transformations!

DBZ MOVIE 1: Garlic Jr. & Henchmen (Ginger, Nicky, Sansho)

Garlic Jr. appears at first to just be a dwarf with no real power. Sure, he's got his lackeys, but what does he actually do?! In his fight against Kami-sama, Garlic Jr. does indeed prove to have a decent amount of power, dodging attacks and launching ki blasts left and right.

Especially after being granted his wish of immortality, it doesn't seem like Garlic Jr. has a thing on Earth to fear. Prancing around like he is Earth's ruler, Garlic has his lackeys fight off the intruders, but it won't be long until he has to fight, himself...

It is only when faced with a combination of Goku and Piccolo that Garlic Jr. shows his true form. In almost an instant, Garlic Jr. transforms from his miniature self into a giant version of himself, with power and speed even greater than that of Goku and Piccolo combined. It seems like Garlic Jr. will soon be taking over the Earth with no problem; that is, rather, until Gohan blasts up from the rubble and starts getting a little upset! Gohan is the only one able to stand up to Garlic Jr.'s blasts and power, and is able to finally head butt Garlic Jr. into the "Dead Zone" he has created.

Garlic Jr.'s henchmen (Ginger, Nicky, and Sansho) have somewhat similar transformations. To initiate these transformations into their "Kyodai-ka" (or "Giant Form"), they must take a step back and yell a certain unusual... err... battle cry?! Their transformations bulk them up which result in both more power and speed.

  • Ginger: "Shôgayaki!" ("Ginger Fried Pork")
  • Nicky: "Nodoame!" ("Throat Lozenge")
  • Sansho: "Unajû!" ("Eel with Rice")


DBZ MOVIE 1: Garlic Jr. & Henchmen (Ginger, Nicky, Sansho)
Garlic Jr. does not appear to be much in his first form, although he does put up a decent fight against Kami-sama. It is only when faced with Goku and Piccolo that he transforms himself into a large beast who is faster and more powerful than even the two heroes, combined. Luckily, Gohan is around to save the day...

Garlic Jr.'s henchmen yell out their strange words to initiate their transformations, which pump them up to new power and speed.

DBZ MOVIE 3: Tullece

Tullece appears on the scene looking exactly like Goku in nearly every way; facial features, hair, and even muscle tone. At this point in the series, Goku has not yet gone Super Saiyan, and is only able to use Kaiô-Ken to temporarily increase his strength and speed; Tullece does not show any hint of these types of abilities, and in fact, avoids fighting for the most part until later in the movie! It is only when he is faced with Goku that we truly see what Tullece's plan was all along... to eat the holy fruit.

Upon eating the fruit, Tullece's muscles bugle and expand an incredible deal almost immediately. Interestingly, though, they do not stay at this point; they seem to contract right back down to normal, even though it is quite obvious that Tullece's strength and speed have increased exponentially. This quasi-transformation puts Tullece's strength far above Goku's own, and it is only with the Genki-Dama that Goku is able to defeat him.

DBZ MOVIE 3: Tullece
Tullece's "transformation" is not quite a huge change; all that really happens is a very quick surge in power and energy that plows down his body, bulging out his chest, arms, and legs. After eating the fruit, he looks exactly the same, but has increased speed and power.

Temporarily running out of ideas for characters? Let's just repeat the Piccolo-Daimaô arc all over again in a short DBZ movie! That's pretty much what DBZ movie 4 amounts to, and Slug takes full advantage of his Namekian abilities... abilities that we've already seen far too often in the show, already!

When he first shows up, he is quite aged; what better to do than use Earth's Dragon Balls to again wish for youth?! Just as Piccolo-Daimaô had done, Slug returns to his (more powerful) youthful form by using the Dragon Balls.

Sound like you've heard it before? Oh, just wait!

But the fun doesn't stop there, oh no! Just as we had seen Ma Junior do at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Slug uses the good ol' "grow a gazillion times larger" ability. In essence, Slug is as derivative of a character as it gets in DBZ (and oh, how it gets!), and his transformations follow suit in this very fashion.

If you're looking for fun new transformations... keep on looking ^_~.

Slug's transformation also aren't quite major changes. The first is his granted wish, which brings him eternal youth; Slug changes from an elderly (yet still powerful) Namekian into a young, incredibly powerful Namekian! Also, Slug has the ability to increase his general body size, and towers over Goku as he pummels him to near-defeat.
DBZ MOVIES 5 & 6: Coola & Metal Coola

When we first see Coola, the scene taking place is actually a flashback to the Bardock vs Freeza fight from many years ago. Coola is up on his own spaceship watching the events. When he turns around and we finally see his face and body, he appears to be in a form vastly different from that of Freeza's first form; in fact, he seems to be in a form equivalent to Freeza's fourth (and final) form. Interestingly, we eventually learn from Coola that he can actually transform one stage more than Freeza can! He makes this transformation from the one and only stage we see him in; we can only be left to assume that this was indeed his fourth form all along (since going one more would make it five, with Freeza's last being four... it's all interesting math).

So why was Coola sitting in the comfort and safety of his own spaceship in his fourth form? Perhaps he had just recently come from an incredible fight!... or perhaps it was just so we would know who the heck the character was when he showed up on Earth ^_~.

Coola's transformation into a fifth stage is quite impressive (note: the sixth daizenshuu simply refers to this stage as "Coola's Final Stage"). Somewhat hinting back to the third form of the brothers' transformation sequence, four horns are grown out from the side and top of the head. He also sports a really nifty (almost mechanical sounding/looking?) "mask"-type thing that covers his mouth and jaw; the one line he speaks before letting the "mask" cover his jaw is quite creepy sounding and looking! As with all transformation we saw with Freeza, this allows Coola's strength and speed to jump through the roof. Unfortunately for him, Super Saiyan Goku is able to triumph in the end, knocking him into the sun with a massive Kamehameha. Interestingly, as Coola is being burned up by the sun, the heat seems to dissolve away parts of this transformation, seemingly pushing him back into fourth form...

DBZ movie 6 rolls around, and we get some more transformed Coola! Strangely, this "transformation" should really be considered more of an outside "upgrade" than anything else; Coola had very little to do with it. However, we don't realize this when "he" first walks up to Goku in the feature. Coola appears to be completely metallic, now, and almost indestructible. Goku isn't able to do any damage, even using Kaiô-Ken; his punches don't even so much as phase Coola. It takes some Super Saiyan action to get some damage done, and even then, we are shocked to find Coola is not only able to repair himself on the spot, but apparently make adjustments in order to better retaliate.

It is revealed, however, that this Metal Coola (and the hundreds of others that appear on the mountain ledge!) are actually just remote-controlled creations of the actual Coola, who is nothing more than a head hooked up via wires to the Big Gete Star within the spaceship. After being defeated by Goku, Coola drifted into a "Machine Planet," and combined himself with the main computer. With this computer, he is able to create endless amount of "Metal Coolas," each of which can automatically repair themselves and up their battle strength. It takes some massive overloading of the computer from Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan power "leaks" (which were actually completely intentional) to "crash the computer," so to speak, and bring Coola and the Big Gete Star to a halt. The final remains, the main computer chip, is crushed by Vegeta (with his classic "Hmph!" no less!) as he blasts off into space...

DBZ MOVIES 5 & 6: Coola & Metal Coola
Coola can take the transformation sequence one step further than Freeza can, to a fifth stage. The horns grow back out of the head, and a strange mask comes down to cover the mouth and jaw. After defeat, Coola melds with the Big Gete Star's main computer and is able to create endless "Metal" versions of himself.
DBZ MOVIE 7: Jinzôningen Jûsan-gô

Dr. Gero may have been killed by # 17, but as shown with Cell, Dr. Gero's death is hardly enough to keep down the old scientist's rage. Deep down below Dr. Gero's laboratory is an extra room and computer ticking away. Initially, two jinzôningen are let out (# 14 and # 15). After they have already left in their pursuit of Goku, yet another jinzôningen hops out from his capsule, this one labeled # 13...

Other than # 17 and # 18 (neither of which are in this movie, other than the opening sequence), # 13 is definitely the most human-looking over all the jinzôningen. He is tall and does not have much in the way of body mass, but seems to keep up with Goku's speed and strength quite easily (before he turns SSJ, anyway). In fact, it does not seem like # 13 is frightened of anything, and shows little emotion; when confronted with other characters, he simply notes to them that his only desire is to kill Goku, and is not interested in any of them.

It is only when Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku all turn into Super Saiyans (and # 14 & # 15 are defeated) that # 13 starts to take matters into his own hands. The main computer chip and internal power supplies from both # 14 and # 15 (equaling four parts, total) float over to # 13. He absorbs the two computer chips into his head, and the power supplies into his chest. Upon receiving these four items, he begins to undergo an extremely intense transformation, breaking out of his clothes, growing in size, and turning blue!

This Gattai Jûsan-gô ("Integrated 13," the term used in the sixth daizenshuu) is an extremely buff creature with speed and strength (but who doesn't seem to want to speak, much!) surpassing any of the fighters, including Goku. It is only when Goku's friends distract him long enough to form a Genki-Dama that he is finally defeated.

DBZ MOVIE 7: Jinzôningen Jûsan-gô
When # 13 absorbs the main computer chips and power supplies from # 14 and # 15, he grows into a giant blue creature with orange hair. He no longer speaks (other than "Son Goku!" as he's being killed), and seems to be nearly indestructible.
DBZ MOVIES 8, 10, 11: Broli

densetsu no sûpâ saiya-jin... The Legendary Super Saiyan

When we first are introduced to Broli, he appears to be nothing more than a calm (perhaps scared?) young man, a survivor of the Saiyan race with his father, Paragus. They have come to Earth in (supposed) hopes to recruiting "King" Vegeta to once again lead them as a people, this time in hopes of defeating the so-called "Legendary Super Saiyan."

Things start to change when Broli is confronted with Goku ("Kakarrot," of course!), and he begins to lose his temper.

Courtesy of a convenient flashback we are shown that, as a child (pre-teen?), Broli has seemingly already transformed into a Super Saiyan and is running amuck out of control; Broli was apparently born quite insane, and it did not seem to be helped by Goku's incessant crying in the baby ward (the two were born on the same day)! Paragas is forced to have a special device made that wraps around Broli's head. Via a hand-held control, Paragas is able to keep Broli subdued (and not running around destroying galaxies!).

However, now that Goku is back in the picture, Paragas' device is unable to fully control Broli. For the first few instances of the fighting, Broli showcases a strange form of Super Saiyan in which his hair is a green-ish/blue and stands on end. In some cases, his pupils disappear (mostly when making the transformation from Super Saiyan to "Legendary Super Saiyan," as described below).

MINI NOTE: To clear up any possible confusion, this is indeed a full Super Saiyan transformation, as noted in the sixth daizenshuu. It is unclear whether it is the lighting or Paragus' control device that causes such strange looking hair, especially due to the regular Super Saiyan form that Broli demonstrates in the tenth DBZ movie, which is described below.

Once Broli confronts Goku for the second time, he transforms directly into his "Legendary Super Saiyan" stage. In this stage, Broli loses his pupils, his hair stands very much on end (especially on the sides and in the back), his muscles increase in size by the most dramatic sense we've ever seen in the entire DragonBall franchise... and he appears to have no weaknesses, what-so-ever.

It's very difficult to place this stage in the canon continuity of SSJ stages; it looks most similar to USSJ, but does not have its weaknesses, similar to SSJ2. The sixth daizenshuu even goes so far as to name this stage directly as its own entity (literally naming it "densetsu no sûpâ saiya-jin"). It is only Goku (with the combined power of all of his friends) that can defeat Broli... and even that doesn't kill him...

When Broli lands on Earth in movie 10, the viewers are somewhat shocked to see him in neither regular form of "Legendary SSJ" form... he appears as a regular Super Saiyan! With a much more reserved muscle bulk and pupils, Broli crashes in his ship as a Super Saiyan and falls asleep...

When Videl, Goten, and Trunks come across Broli, he has turned back into a regular Super Saiyan, and continues to fight in his form for a rather long duration of time. While as a regular Super Saiyan, Broli seems to have much more fun taking pleasure in the destruction and pain he causes to his foes, smirking and licking the blood off of his lips.

It isn't until Gohan arrives and is forced to transform into SSJ2 that Broli once again lets loose with the "Legendary" form. The pupils disappear and the muscles bulk up, just as they had done in the previous feature; this is the Broli that is a force to be reckoned with! He is ultimately killed, once and for all, with a massive triple Kamehameha from the father and his two sons. Broli may be dead... but he's not through transforming!

In movie 11, we learn that Broli has been cloned at a bio-warrior production plant. What the creators failed to note was the utter insanity that is Broli. We he breaks free, he also sets loose strange goo in the plant which covers him, creating a very mutant-like "Bio-Broli" (note: this is the official name for this character/clone, as written in the sixth daizenshuu). Broli's clone seems to be in "Legendary" form while in this stage since no pupils appear in the red eyes. There is also the strange, red, beating heart. The only further "transformation" (somewhat) that this mutant undergoes is a giant resizing of himself near the end of the feature .Popping out of the ocean as a giant (literally), Broli's mutant/sludge clone is destroyed (for good, this time!) with a double blast from Goten and Trunks.

DBZ MOVIES 8, 10, 11: Broli
Broli is perhaps the movie character that goes through the most transformations. From his regular stage, to a strange version of regular Super Saiyan, all the way to his "Legendary" Super Saiyan stage, Broli is just a ridiculously power Saiyan able to hold his own and deal up destruction on a daily basis. When he returns for DBZ Movie 10 we see a more traditional Super Saiyan stage, and in Movie 11 we are treated to a very grotesque "Bio-Broli" clone.
DBZ MOVIE 9: Gokua & Bojack

In one of the only instances in DBZ history, both the main villain and one of his henchmen have transformations! In both case, they are pretty simple with slight color and muscle changes that are mostly visible.

Gokua is Bojack's henchman with a sword that battles Trunks. Like most of the other henchmen, he speaks very little, and seems to have quite an ego! In his base form he sports green skin, yellow hair, and some rather puffy shoulders. His body mass is very well toned, but not to any excessive amount. His face is rather calm looking, as well. It seems that when Gokua realizes that Trunks may be more of a match than he thought, he pauses as the crystal he wears hanging from his necklace begins to glow, and his hair starts to stand on end slightly. He raises his arms into the air, and when the water clears away, he is much more buff than before, his hair is red, and his shirt has torn apart. What is most interesting about Gokua's transformation has little to do with him, and actually seems to have more to do with the movie's animators; in the second scene (where Trunks ultimately kills him), his hair randomly goes back and forth between the new red and the original yellow color! He does not seem to have transformed back (his body is still much larger than before), and in the matter of just a couple frames and a crash through a building, his hair has changed colors, only to change back again just another second later! Intentional, or mistake? Hard to tell...!

Next up is the main villain, himself, Bojack. Many describe Bojack in his main form as a "pirate," and this makes quite a bit of sense. His clothing seems almost "frilly," with an interesting cape and a few necklaces hanging down, in addition to the bandana wrapped around his head...

... all he's missing is the eye patch!

In his base form, his skin is green and he has long yellow-ish/red hair that falls down his back. Similar to Gokua's first form, his muscle bulk is relatively well-toned, but not to any excess.

Bojack transforms after Vegeta's arrival. His transformation is a very quick yelling and bringing down of the arms. In his transformed state his hair changes to a much more defined red his cape and upper clothing is "burned" away, and he grows more muscular.

DBZ MOVIE 9: Gokua & Bojack
Gokua and Bojack have some of the more traditional types of transformations where they simply power-up and bust into larger, more powerful versions of themselves with slightly different skin and hair colors.
DBZ MOVIE 12: Janenba

Probably one of the most insane and absurd transformation sequences in the entire DragonBall franchise, Janenba is certainly a character all to him... her... err... itself! When the young Oni (Tank Boy) accidentally lets the soul cleansing machine overload, all Hell breaks loose... literally! He is overtaken by Janenba, an amalgamation of evil souls. What's most strange about Janenba is... well... look at him! Very similar to Majin Buu when he first appeared, Janenba is very childlike in nature, seemingly only out to have fun and amuse himself. He's extremely large with exaggerated features, and can be found saying his name repeatedly, clapping, and laughing to himself. He wears pinkish clothing on his lower regions and arms, and does not appear to have a nose. He can also seemingly bend the laws of... well... anything, really, as he sees fit; gravity and physics, in general, do not seem to be an issue for Janenba!

After Janenba's dozens of miniature self versions are defeated by Goku, and he is beaten to a pulp by SSJ3 Goku, Janenba begins his transformation into his "true" self... a much more demonic creature, also very similar to a Majin Buu form (specifically, the "Chibi" form).

In this form he is much smaller than before in every way (height and muscle mass). His tail seems to have grown a good deal, as have his two horns. His skin is now red, with a purple-ish armor-type surrounding over most of the body (horns, torso, and legs).

Just as before, Janenba seems to have control over much of physics, now even teleporting himself around in a series of puzzle piece-type objects! He now only grunts and yelps, not even saying his name as he did in the previous form.

Janenba also creates a sword which he can use to slice through the air, pushing blades of cutting wind as his opponent.

DBZ MOVIE 12: Janenba
Possibly inspired by Majin Buu's forms, Janenba starts out as a gigantic, bubbly, incredibly happy monster who can do little more than say his name and punch people around as he takes over the afterlife. When he is forced to transform, Goku finds himself facing a much smaller, more compact, and incredibly powerful opponent that is able to not only teleport, but form a sword that can use wind as cutting, flying blades.
DBZ MOVIE 13: Hildegarn

Hildegarn's first form is actually a full form cut in half. On the planet Konack, Hildegarn was brought to life by evil sorcerers, but was cut in half with the help of a holy sword. Since Hildegarn could not actually be killed, the two halves were sealed away. One half resides within Tapion, while the other half originally resided within his brother, Minoshia. Unfortunately, since the other half has gotten lose, this can only mean that Minoshia is dead.

Hildegarn is a somewhat Godzilla-like monster, if only in size and destruction. He does the majority of crushing with his giant feet and long, swinging tail.

Hildegarn's transformation seems to be more of an instant evolution than anything else. Similar to a butterfly, Hildegarn breaks free from a cocoon-type encasing, and rises with slightly changed features and new wings. Two long horns now stretch back from his head, which is now more than just the skull from before.

Hildegarn's speed and power also increases with the transformation (of course). He also seems to adopt a new teleportation-type technique, allowing him to almost always stay one step ahead of his opponent.

DBZ MOVIE 13: Hildegarn
Hildegarn's transformation is very much like a caterpillar into a butterfly; he hatches from his original "skin" into a more colorful and powerful version of himself. His head becomes more fully formed, and he sprouts wings from his back.

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