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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Transformations Guide - "Budokai" Fusions / Absorptions  

The Budokai transformations, fusions, and absorptions have been some of the most disturbing, insane, and fun new stages introduced to the DragonBall world in quite some time. Some of them are based on pre-existing forms (such as "Super" Buu and his absorptions), others are based on theoretical fusions (such as Yamcha + Tenshinhan), while others are created for the sole purpose of making the players laugh their rear end off!

While the first Budokai game really only introduced one new transformation (albeit the strangest one of the lot!), the second game really upped the ante with new fusion characters, Buu absorbing people left and right, and even a fusion based off a mere thought Goku had in the original manga!

Note that the transformations listed on this page are solely the ones that do not appear in the regular series (with the exception of Buu's absorptions and Goku's aforementioned imaginings). Characters like Gotenks and Vegetto will be listed in the traditional "Fusion" page.

BUDOKAI 1: Un-named Cell absorption (Cell + Kuririn)

While going along in typical story mode, you reach a scenario in which Cell has absorbed #17 and approaches #18, ready to complete his "perfect" form. However, you begin to realize this may be a "What If?" scenario when Kuririn enters the scene, challenging Cell (Kuririn is already madly in love with #18, it seems, and is ready to give his life). When Cell's tail rushes forward to stab and absorb #18, Kuririn jumps in, pushes #18 out of the way... and receives the tail attack! Cell watches on in horror as Kuririn is brought up through his tail and into his main body, prompting a flash of light and a strange transformation... into a weak, orange colored, Cell Jr.-type creature!

With Cell's power so dramatically decreased, Yamcha and Tenshinhan enter the battle, ready to topple the new foe. This new stage of Cell somehow manages to push back Yamcha, though, in a very close battle. Claiming that is wasn't fair for Yamcha to be sent alone, the tiny Cell turns around to see Tenshinhan in the sky, who unleashes a massive Kikô-hô at him! The screen suddenly flashes over to Perfect Cell, standing in his newly created Tenka-ichi Budôkai ring, waking up from a nightmare. Cell remarks to himself that the end to the ten day wait before the "Cell Games" just can't come soon enough...

"Android" Story Mode, # 12: "A Cold-Blooded Assassin" [ Image ]
01 - Kuririn is inside Cell's tail!
56.6 KB
02 - The transformation is complete! Tiny and... orange?
64.0 KB
03 - Yamcha & Tenshinhan challenge the new Cell
67.5 KB
04 - Cell wakes up! What a nightmare...
49.2 KB
BUDOKAI 2: Unnamed Buu absorptions

As seen in the DragonBall manga (as well as the DragonBall Z TV series), Majin Buu (especially the form fans call "Super Buu") absorbs characters left and right, changing his physical appearance each time. In Budokai 2, "Super Buu" has a capsule called "Absorption" that allows you to randomly absorb another character (other than your opponent) during battle. Buu will fly up into the sky, find a character (or characters) watching the battle, and cover them with a part of his own body. Buu can absorb six different characters: Tenshinhan & Yamcha (at the same time), Gohan, SSJ3 Gotenks, Freeza, Cell, and Vegeta. Buu takes on physical characteristics of each character he absorbs (in the case of Gohan and SSJ3 Gotenks, he gets the same outfit as seen in the actual series).

When Buu attempts to absorb Tenshinhan and Yamcha, Tenshinhan sees the body part approaching, and in utter fear, tries to warn Yamcha (who's far too distracted watching the battle to notice). Once Buu absorbs the two, he takes on more of Tenshinhan's characteristics (such as the green sash-type upper-clothing, and the white baggy pants). Buu seems almost upset at this absorption, and especially in shock at his lack of power! Buu's special attack in this form is Yamcha's Sôkidan energy ball.

Gohan simply realizes it too late; he turns around to find Buu's detached body part hovering above him. Buu has absorbed him! Just as in the regular series, Buu appears with Gohan's orange gi for his upper body, but retains the traditional "Majin" white baggy pants. Buu's power is far greater than before in this form, thanks to Gohan's so-called "Mystic" power-up. The special attack in this form is the Super Kamehameha.

As Vegeta watches the ongoing battle, he turns around to see a detached part of Buu's body hovering above him. Vegeta shrugs and turns away, either thinking little of it, or simply not caring. When Vegeta is absorbed, Buu takes on quite a few of his characteristics. His voice becomes gruffer (in the English version), and he has a very cocky attitude! His upper clothing is Vegeta's blue fighting outfit. The special attack in this form is the Final Flash.

Freeza turns around in horror to also see a detached body part of Buu's hovering above him. As he struggles to get free, he is ultimately brought back to Buu and completely absorbed. In his form, Buu takes on Freeza's "high class" and condescending attitude. He also has purple areas of skin that form on his antenna and shoulders. Buu's voice becomes slightly raspier (in the English version, anyway), as well. The special attack in this form is the Death Ball.

Perhaps one of the strangest looking absorptions of Buu's is when he collects Cell into himself. In his form, Buu's voice becomes much more commanding in nature, and very sure of himself. While Buu does not gain any new clothes, he does obtain some of Cell's actual body features, such as the long, dark marks under his eyes and speckles all across his body. The special attack in this form is... yes... the Genki-Dama!

Finally, Buu's last absorption is yet another one from the actual series. While SSJ3 Gotenks is busy covering his ears (for some strange reason), Buu lets his detached body part sneak up behind Gotenks and completely cover him. In this form, Buu's antenna grows down his back, and he wears the traditional fusion vest. He retains the white baggy pants. The special attack in this form is the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (with a cute Buu ghost!).

(NOTE: Some forms, +Gohan and +Gotenks, come from the original series)
01 - Buu, after having absorbed Yamcha & Tenshinhan
74.8 KB
02 - Buu, after having absorbed Gohan
76.5 KB
03 - Buu, after having absorbed Vegeta
74.0 KB
04 - Buu, after having absorbed Vegeta, performing the Final Flash
47.4 KB
05 - Buu, after having absorbed Freeza
74.0 KB
06 - Buu, after having absorbed Freeza, performing the Death Ball
34.2 KB
07 - Buu, after having absorbed Cell
73.7 KB
08 - Buu, after having absorbed Cell (close-up)
50.9 KB
09 - Buu, after having absorbed Cell, performing the Genki-Dama
40.6 KB
10 - Buu, after having absorbed SSJ3 Gotenks
74.0 KB
Budokai 2: Majin Freeza & Majin Cell

During the "Dragon World" mode of Budokai 2, Freeza and Cell seem to just come back time and time again, always to the annoyance of Goku (and the player!).

During stage five, Babidi revives Freeza and Cell as "Majin" beings in order to stop Goku and the other heroes from proceeding and stopping Majin Buu! After Babidi is killed, Freeza and Cell continue returning, but have no idea they were ever under Babidi's control... !

Non-playable, only appear on "Dragon World" fifth map / stage
01 - Majin Freeza challenges Goku!
60.9 KB
Budokai 2: Yamhan ("Tiencha" in English version)

The only completely new "fusion" character in the game is a traditional fusion-dance formation from two of the longest-established (yet most under-utilized) DragonBall characters: Yamcha and Tenshinhan. These two human characters got a good share of the shaft over the years, and it was extremely interesting (and great!) to see the programmers put so much love into these fan-favorites. In the middle of a battle, either Yamcha or Tenshinhan will step aside and call the other one in. The two perform the fusion dance, and remaining is a single warrior... "Yamhan" !

Yamhan uses a combination of moves from both Tenshinhan and Yamcha, the most interesting probably being the "Dodohameha" (a "Kamehameha" and "Dodonpa" combination, fired with both index fingers). Yamhan also uses the Rôga-Haikyû-Ken ("Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist"), a combination attack that results in the opponent being knocked up into the air and spiked volleyball-style (à la Tenshinhan's Haikyû-Ken), with the lupine flourish of Yamcha's Rôga-Fûfû-Ken. Note that if the fusion is performed wrong (that is, if the correct buttons are not pressed in the correct order), a skinny, deformed Yamhan will be created, unable to perform any ki attacks!

Duel + Training Modes; must have "Breakthrough" Capsule for Tenshinhan or Yamcha
01 - Tenshinhan & Yamcha perform the fusion dance
67.4 KB
02 - The fusion is complete! "Yamhan" is formed!
56.8 KB
03 - A full body shot of Yamhan in his alternate colored outfit
54.2 KB
04 - If you mess up the fusion... things go... wrong...
63.0 KB
Budokai 2: Gotan ("Gokule" in English version)

After Goku returns to life and Earth, he finds Gohan to be the only remaining (worthwhile) fighter to fuse with. Gohan is ultimately absorbed by Buu, however, leaving Goku with either... Mr. Satan or Dende to choose from?! Goku thinks it over (even forming a mental image!), going back and forth between people to fuse with... Would it even be worth it? Would he obtain any kind of strength increase at all (it might even drop!)? Goku curses his luck, but realizes that it's sink-or-swim... so he calls out to Mr. Satan. He is about to throw the Potara earring... but what's this?! Vegeta's ki! Goku rushes off to Vegeta, and ends up forming Vegetto.

But what if things had gone differently? What if Vegeta had not arrived? Goku was just about to fuse with Mr. Satan! Well, the developers behind Budokai 2 decided to find out! Once you obtain the "Breakthrough" capsule for either Goku or Mr. Satan, you can select the "Fusion (Gokule)" skill. ("Gokule" is, of course, a combination of "Goku" and "Hercule," Mr. Satan's name in the English version of the game. However, we'll use "Gotan" here, since it's what this fusion is called in the Japanese version, which also uses "Mr. Satan.")

Depending on which outfit you choose, Gotan will actually have two completely different physical forms (rather than a different outfit, as seen with all other characters in the game). The first, primary form is the same one that Goku formed a mental image of in the actual series; a short, stubby Goku body with Goku's face and gi, but with Mr. Satan's boots and hairstyle (including chest hair). In the alternate form, the body, face and clothes are all Mr. Satan's, but the character is taller and has an angular Goku hairstyle. Both forms have the same special attacks. Gotan can perform a Super Genki-Dama, as well as a variety of "trick" blasts.

Duel + Training Modes; must have "Breakthrough" Capsule for Goku and Mr. Satan
01 - "Gotan" is formed, wearing Goku's gi with Mr. Satan's hair
58.3 KB
02 - The primary Gotan begins to form a Genki-Dama
55.6 KB
03 - The primary Gotan rushes in for an attack
66.4 KB
04 - "Gotan" is formed, wearing Mr. Satan's gi with Goku's hair
54.2 KB
05 - The secondary Gotan begins to form a Genki-Dama
41.3 KB
06 - The secondary Gotan rushes in for an attack
57.8 KB

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