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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Transformations Guide - Fusion  

Fusions were an extremely interesting concept for Akira Toriyama to bring into the Dragon World. While the concept was originally used for Piccolo's merger with Nail (and later Kami-sama), the term "Fusion" (in English, no less!) would eventually end up coming to mean the (temporary) fusion of two characters to create an entirely new character, with its own personality, attacks, and increased power, of course! The Potara "fusion" is actually called something else, but we'll get to that later. For other fusions that take place only in video games, check out the special "Budokai" section of this transformations guide!

Three types of fusion will be discussed and explained:

  • Namekian Fusion (Assimilation) : Beings from the Planet Namek are able to absorb each other completely into their being (the term in Japanese is "dôka suru," meaning "assimilate / absorb"). One character serves as the base body, while the other donates his life energy, strength, memories, and intelligence to the base.
  • Dance Fusion (Fusion-ha) : Two characters must equal their fighting powers and energy, and perform a three-stage dance (stepping away from each other, stepping back towards each other, extending their index fingers, and touching their index fingers together; they must also say "Fu / sion / HA!" during each step, respectively). The resulting character has its own persona and attitude, as well as fancy new clothes (such as the ubiquitous vest). Under normal circumstances, the fusion lasts for 30 full minutes. Stages like SSJ3 and SSJ4 reduce this, however, due to the strain on the body. Also, each character must wait a full 60 minutes after de-fusing before being able to do so, again.
  • Potara Earrings (Integration) : When one earring (of a pair) is placed on the opposite ear of another character, the two will be drawn together and fused into one being (the Japanese term here is "gattai," meaning "combination," "integration," or yes, even "fusion"). There are no requirements such as having an equal power; the two must simply exchange and wear the earrings. The resulting being wears a combination of the two characters' clothing, and has its own personal and attitude (similar to the dance-fusion characters). This fusion is supposed to be permanent.

PICCOLO (+NAIL; Namekian Fusion)

When Piccolo is wished back to life, he is also brought to Planet Namek, his true "home" world. On his way over to fight Freeza and save Gohan, he comes across a nearly dead Namekian warrior, gasping his last breaths. This character is Nail, the Eldest Namekian's personal guardian, who has fallen after a terrible battle with Freeza. Nail opens his eyes to see Piccolo standing over him, and smiles knowing that "... the Earthlings have gotten their wish." Having faced Freeza directly, Nail knows the incredible power that he possesses, and attempts to convince Piccolo that he is not yet strong enough. Nail mentions if Piccolo had only "become one" before arriving, Freeza would stand no chance. Seeing that it is hopeless to pursue this option, Nail offers his own self to Piccolo, saying that he is the only warrior-type Namekian left. After being assured that he will not lose his own personality, Piccolo reluctantly agrees to absorb Nail. As Piccolo places his hand on Nail's chest, Nail tells Piccolo that he should definitely be able to defeat Freeza, now.

When the dust settles, Piccolo has taken yet another step on the way to his massive character transformation. Already finding a place in his heart for love and compassion (as seen with the training of Gohan), Piccolo now has memories of the entire Namekian race (thanks to Nail), as well as an incredible power-up! He rushes off to fight Freeza... but he's in for a surprise!

DBZ Episode 77; Manga Chapter 295
When Nail tells Piccolo that he is no match for Freeza as he currently stands, he offers up his own self for fusion. When the dust settles, Piccolo is left with Nail's memories of the Namekian people and planet, as well as an incredible power-up.

The time comes yet again when Piccolo has become frustrated with himself for being totally outclassed, this time by Vegeta and Goku. Knowing that he is unable to defeat the Jinzôningen by himself, Piccolo returns to Kami-sama's palace to do the one thing he refused to believe he would ever do... become one with his counterpart, once again.

Proclaiming to the others that he is still a demon, Piccolo returns to Kami-sama's palace. Kami-sama is already well-aware of Piccolo's intents, noting that since they were originally of one mind and body, it is easy to guess his plan. Piccolo reminds them that what the Earth needs right now is not a God, but a warrior that can triumph; the Dragon Balls will do no good if everyone is killed. Kami-sama, however, chooses to wait a little more, and watches over the three Jinzôningen, noting that they are different than the ones from Trunks' future.

It is not until Kami-sama finally sees the true monster that he makes his decision. Realizing that his uneasy feeling from the last four years was not due to the Jinzôningen, but rather, to some monster that has come from the future, Kami-sama finally agrees to fuse with Piccolo and become one, once more. They agree to let Piccolo remain the dominant one, as his body is much more geared for fighting than Kami-sama's aging one. Just as with Nail, Piccolo places his hand on Kami-sama's chest, and Mr. Popo says goodbye to his friend and companion of so many years...

When all is said and done, what remains is no longer Piccolo or Kami-sama, but rather, "... a Namekian who has forgotten even his true name." One with a slightly new personality, and more than enough power to take on Cell, who has finally shown his true face and colors.

DBZ Episode 141; Manga Chapter 360
When Piccolo and Kami-sama finally realize the threat that Earth is facing, they decide to become the one being they originally were. While Piccolo remains the dominant character, between Nail and Kami-sama, he has definitely taken on a new personality, in addition to receiving an absolutely incredible power-up.
GOTENKS (Goten + Trunks; Fusion Dance)

While Goku believes that he could take care of Majin Buu if he absolutely had to, he decides that rather than having the new generation always relying on him, they must take Earth's matters and fate into their own hands. Goku teaches Piccolo a new technique that he learned (while dead) from an inhabitant of Planet Metamor, interestingly called "Fusion" (yes, spoken in English, even in the Japanese version). Two individuals of an equal power must perform a bizarre three-stage dance that results in them extending their index fingers to touch. The goal is to create a new, temporary character whose power far exceeds that of the two individuals, even combined. Goku must depart for the afterlife, as his time on Earth has run out (due in part to his usage of SSJ3), but Piccolo remains behind to help Goten and Trunks perfect the technique.

Fat Gotenks, Skinny Gotenks

While Majin Buu is out wreaking havoc in the world, the two children remain behind, trying to fuse successfully. Unfortunately for them, their first two attempts result in forms they aren't exactly looking for! During their first try, Trunks extends his index fingers too soon (during the second part of the dance), instead of only extending them to touch at the very end. The result is an extremely obese character who can barely run around without falling out of breath! The botched fusion wants to de-fuse and try it again, but he learns (to his dismay) that he has to wait for it to wear off after 30 minutes. While Yamcha tries to coach the character with good words and praise, it is clear that this fusion was a mistake. Still intrigued, Yamcha asks him what his name is, to which he replies "Gotenks." It is clear that the resulting fusion is not Goten or Trunks, but rather, a completely new character. During their second attempt, the boys don't quite hit each others' index fingers in the last stage of the dance, resulting in an incredibly skinny Gotenks who can barely stand under his own strength without coughing! Everyone waits thirty minutes for this fusion to wear off, as well, before trying yet again...

(Regular) Gotenks / Super Saiyan Gotenks

Luckily, third time's the charm. The two boys perform the dance perfectly, and it is obvious by the result. The character stands with black hair with purple streaks, a muscular body, and a sharp new special outfit (including the now-classic fusion vest). Piccolo wants to wait and try it again, this time with them both as Super Saiyans, but Gotenks refuses; his ego is apparently bigger than even Goten's and Trunks's combined, and he flies off to fight Majin Buu (getting his ass promptly handed to him).

Gotenks returns to Piccolo beaten up, and agrees to try it again while the two are Super Saiyans. Upon successfully fusing, Gotenks's ego once again takes over, and he flies off around the world a few (dozen) times while waiting for Piccolo to show up. Of course, before he can even battle Majin Buu, the fusion time is up, and the two boys scamper away before Buu can figure out what all the commotion is about...

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

Gotenks is still unable to defeat Majin Buu in this form, mostly due to all the splits and absorptions taking place. Eventually, with most of the world's people killed by Majin Buu, Goten and Trunks are sent away to the Room of Spirit and Time to train, while Piccolo stalls Majin Buu outside Kami-sama's palace. When Majin Buu ultimately arrives (and then breaks out), the two boys show off their greatest feat while training as Gotenks... their ability to reach Super Saiyan 3! Similar to Goku in SSJ3, Gotenks loses his eyebrows and has hair that extends down his back. His power and speed are nearly unmatched, but unfortunately, his intelligence and maturity still haven't caught up with him...

DBZ Episode 251; Manga Chapter 480
Gotenks is the fusion of Goten and Trunks, through the fusion dance. Upon fusing, an entirely new personality takes over (Gotenks), and some spiffy new clothes appear (including new pants and a vest).
OLD KAIÔSHIN (Old Kaiôshin + Witch; Potara Earrings)

After Old Kaiôshin is released from the Z-Sword and has trained Gohan, he reveals that he is actually already fused with an old witch. This explains why he has such strange powers, such as dancing around a character in circles and pointing his hands at them (while not even paying attention to them!) in order to release their full potential.

While reading a comic one day, and old witch approached him and mentioned his earrings (which were Potara Earrings). She took one and placed it on one of her ears, and before the Old Kaiôshin was able to do anything, they were fused forever! Old Kaioshin only speaks with one voice, similar to Kibito-shin.

DBZ Episode 250; Manga Chapter 479
Old Kaiôshin is already fused with the old witch when he is introduced. While his physical appearance hasn't changed all that much, he does have strange magical powers, now.
KAIÔSHIN (Kaiôshin + Kibito; Potara Earrings)
(Fan Given Names: "Kibitoshin" / "Kaiôbit")

Old Kaiôshin orders Kaioshin and Kibito to use the Potara Earrings in order to show Goku what kind of fusion can be obtained with them. The two each place an earring on a different ear, and are immediately drawn into and fused with each other. Goku marvels at the technique, while Old Kaiôshin mentions that... oh, by the way... fusion with the Potara Earrings is permanent. Whoops!

Kaiôshin and Kibito will forever be fused with the earrings. Their clothing is a combination of what the two previously wore (which wasn't all that different, anyway). Interestingly, this new character is one of only two "normal" fusions (with the dance or earrings) that does not speak with a dual voice; only Kaiôshin's voice is heard when this character talks.

Note that this fusion was never given an "official" new name in the original Japanese manga or anime; he is simply referred to as "Kaiôshin" when necessary. "Kibitoshin" is the name FUNimation has given him for reference's sake on their own official website for DBZ and in Budokai 2 (and thus the Japanese version follows suit in the Budokai games), despite using "Kibito-Kai" in the anime and on their official DBGT website. "Kaiou-bit" / "Kaiôbito" was the name given to him by Curtis Hoffmann for his manga summaries, pre-FUNimation, way back when in "ye olden days" of the internet.

DBZ Episode 267; Manga Chapter 501
Old Kaiôshin tells Kaiôshin and Kibito to fuse with the Potara Earrings to show Goku what it is like. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention that the fusion will be permanent... !
VEGETTO (Goku + Vegeta; Potara Earrings)

When Majin Buu's terror threatens that of the very universe, Old Kaiôshin gives up his life so that Goku can return to life, go back to Earth, and attempt to defeat the demon once and for all. Upon returning to Earth, Goku plans on fusing with Gohan with the Potara Earrings, creating an ultimate fighter, the fusion of father and son. Unfortunately, things don't quite work out. Gohan drops the earring and loses it, and once he finds it again, it's too late: he drops it once more as he is absorbed by Buu. Goku looks around and weighs his options... Dende and Mr. Satan are all that are left. Would fusing with either of them prove useful even in the least? Even if he were to fuse with them, it would probably result in a drop of power, rather than an increase. Dende simply had no fighting experience, and Mr. Satan was just too much of a dopey, regular ol' human for it to help.

Luckily, Enma Daiô, too, was worried about his realm, and sent Vegeta back (still dead) to help in the battle. Goku senses Vegeta's Ki, and rushes off. Vegeta initially refuses to cooperate, still hiding behind his Saiyan pride. As Goku explains that Majin Buu has killed nearly everyone (including Bulma), and has even absorbed both of their sons, Vegeta soon realizes there is no other option. The two eternal rivals place an earring on opposite ears, and are immediately drawn together...

Similar to Gotenks, Vegetto has his own personality and attitude. He's got the confidence and fighting smarts of Goku, along with the cocky grin and brute strength of Vegeta; in other words, the perfect fusion. Vegetto doesn't have much of a problem with Majin Buu at all, even after being turned into "the world's strongest coffee candy." Vegetto ultimately lets himself be absorbed by Majin Buu, however, in an attempt to recover the lost fighters from before. Right after landing in Majin Buu's body and letting down the barrier, Vegetto (who is supposed to be a permanent fusion) is immediately split back into both Goku and Vegeta! (ed. note: While no reason was ever specifically cited, other than Goku noting it may be the air / atmosphere of Buu's insides, most assume that the "magical" qualities of Majin Buu allowed for the split... not to mention it being a crucial plot device for Toriyama!) Vegeta crushes his Potara, never wanting to have to fuse with "Kakarrot" again, no matter what the reason...

DBZ Episode 268; Manga Chapter 503
Almost necessary to even take on Majin Buu at this point, Vegeta finally lowers his pride after discovering the death of Bulma and absorption of Trunks by Majin Buu; he and Goku place a Potara earring on opposite ears...
VEKU / GOGETA (Goku + Vegeta; Fusion Dance)

NOTE: Gogeta appears only in DBZ Movie 12 and DBGT Episode 60

When Enma Daiô's realm is taken over by Janenba (who transformed into a much more powerful form after battling SSJ3 Goku), the universe has no option but to rely on Goku and Vegeta, once again. Goku is off (along with Paikuhan) to check out Hell, while Vegeta is temporarily brought back to his body due to all the strangeness going on with the afterlife. Goku realizes that the only option is fusion, the same technique he taught the two young boys to use against Majin Buu. Will it be effective, and go off without a hitch... ?

Nope. Unfortunately, Vegeta forgets to extend his index fingers in the last step, and a "fat" Gogeta is formed (whom the Southern Kaiô nicknames "Veku")! While he does have one somewhat effective attack (that being to fart on Janenba's head), the fighter is simply no real match for Janenba. When the fusion runs out, Janenba is not about to let the two fuse again and reach a correct form. Luckily, Paikuhan finally breaks through and interrupts Janenba, giving the two Saiyans just enough time to fuse correctly.

Gogeta appears directly in Super Saiyan, and takes out Janenba with minimal effort. He speaks only two lines: to thank Paikuhan for his help, and to announce, "I am neither Goku nor Vegeta... I am the one to defeat you!"

Later, in DragonBall GT, after Vegeta has arrived and shown off his SSJ4 stage, the two once again decide they must fuse in order to defeat Yi Xing Long. The fusion goes off without a hitch, and SSJ4 Gogeta is formed!

SSJ4 Gogeta's power is absolutely unmatched, and also now showcases a personality similar to Gotenks (lots of laughing and practical jokes). Unfortunately, just as SSJ3 reduced the fusion length of Gotenks, SSJ4 also reduces the length of Gogeta's fusion down to about twenty minutes, and the Earth is in trouble once again...

DBZ Movie 12; DBGT Episode 60
Both in DBZ Movie 12 and DBGT Episode 60, the last chance the Earth has to save itself from total destruction comes in the form of Gogeta, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta using the fusion dance. While Gogeta doesn't do much in DBZ Movie 12, DBGT Episode 60 shows off his fun side...
GOTAN (Goku + Mr. Satan; Potara Earrings; Theoretical Fusion)

Interestingly, the Gotan that appears in DragonBall Z 2 / Budokai 2 is not entirely original to the game! (OK, so the alternate costume is.) After Gohan is absorbed by Majin Buu, Goku is left with but two options for fusion... Dende or Mr. Satan.

Goku imagines to himself (both in the manga and anime) what a fusion between him and Mr. Satan would look like, speculating that a power of 1000 would probably only rise to 1001... or even worse, decrease! With no other options, Goku calls out to Mr. Satan and is just about to throw the other Potara Earring... when... he senses Vegeta's ki back on Earth!

Mr. Satan is left quite confused as to what just happened! Oh, if things had only turned out slightly differently... Gotan may have been a reality! To quote the tenth daizenshuu, "If Vegeta hadn't made it back from the Afterlife... we think it'd be really scary!"

As hinted at, Gotan (or "Gokule" in the English version; the combination of "Goku" and "Hercule') is a hidden fusion with Goku's "Breakthrough Capsule" in DBZ2 / Budokai 2; read more about this fusion (and view pictures of both costumes) over on the special Budokai transformations page. This game is also where the official name for the theoretical fusion comes from, originally.

DBZ Episode 268; Manga Chapter 503
While Gotan is never actually formed in the series, we do get a brief glimpse of what we might look like thanks to Goku's imagination. Gotan is actually a special fusion in DBZ2 / Budokai 2, so check out the appropriate page for more information & images.
DENDEROT (Goku + Dende; Potara Earrings; Theoretical Fusion)

After Gohan is absorbed by Majin Buu, Goku is left with but two options for fusion... Dende or Mr. Satan.

Goku imagines to himself (in the anime only) what a fusion between him and Dende would look like. The tenth daizenshuu notes that with Dende's healing ability and Goku's power, they possibly could have formed quite a strong warrior (so it's interesting that Goku ended up choosing Mr. Satan in the end; Goku decided against Dende due to his not being a fighting-type).

Of course, as noted with Gotan, Goku sensed Vegeta's ki return to Earth, and ended up teleporting off to fuse with Vegeta...

What would we have called this fusion, though? Kakadende? Denderot?!

(Note that these two names are listed in the tenth daizenshuu and can thus be taken as "official")

DBZ Episode 268
While Denderot is never actually formed in the series, we do get a brief glimpse of what we might look like thanks to Goku's imagination.
PIRIRIN (Piccolo + Kuririn; Fusion Dance; Theoretical Fusion)

Just who the heck is Piririn? Well, from the name alone, you can tell that it would be a theoretical fusion of Piccolo and Kuririn. You've never seen this character before, you say? Of course not! He never actually appeared in either the manga or the anime.

We translated what little we could from this image (which we obtained from, and we found a small caption in Daizenshuu # 7, which gave us info on the date. Apparently, Weekly Shônen Jump (the original Japanese magazine) held some sort of contest where fans came up with their own "dream fusions." To get them started, Toriyama drew an example image of a potential Piccolo & Kuririn fusion (naming him "Piririn"). This page appeared in Jump's 1995 issue # 13. We're not sure what the prizes were (or what any other fans' creations might have been)... all we have is the one image to go by! We would have liked to be able to translate Toriyama's own comments from the ad, but they are unfortunately mostly illegible due to compression and re-compression over the intervening years. So, if anyone out there has a copy of this issue... we'd be more than grateful if we could have a "fresh" image to work from.

We can assume Piririn would have been formed through the dance fusion (as indicated by the special vest and general outfit, also worn by Gotenks and Gogeta); Kuririn and Piccolo do indeed demonstrate the dance for Goten and Trunks in DBZ episode 249, so we know that the two of them could probably perform the technique successfully. The only problem is that they are both of such different physical sizes, and the fusion would either not work at all, or result in something different entirely...

In conclusion? Piccolo + Kuririn?! Could his name be "PIRIRIN"?!

Piririn was merely a theoretical fusion Toriyama drew to get fans started for a contest where they would create their own "dream fusion" character.

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