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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Transformations Guide - Freeza  

Freeza's transformations bring in the idea that when a character becomes too powerful, their current physical form is nothing more but a limitation holding them back. In order to not only obtain, but contain this new-found power, the character must totally transform their physical body. In Freeza's case, he will go through a series of transformations that increase his over-all body size, and then end with a form that is just as tiny as his original form! Remember... size isn't everything! Oooh ho ho ho!

Note: the Japanese wording for Freeza's forms are taken from the fourth daizenshuu.

FREEZA: 1st-FORM ("furîza dai 1 [ ichi ] keitai")

In his first form, Freeza generally confines himself to his hover chair and sends his henchmen to do all of the dirty work (namely collecting Dragon Balls). Freeza also wears a similar form of upper-body armor as seen worn on the likes of Vegeta, Zarbon, Dodoria, and the others. Freeza appears to be very small in height, which is shown to be true in the rare occasions that he emerges from his hover-chair.

There really isn't much more to say about Freeza's first form; he tends to just sit around and bark orders, not really showing much. His tail is relatively thick in width, able to crack the ground when slammed. His "helmet"-type head has two horns that protrude in near 45 degree angles. Freeza decides that he will transform and show off his further stages, though, when prompted by Vegeta... and so it begins...

DBZ Episode 45; Manga Chapter 247
Merely but a glimpse into the future horrors, Freeza prefers to sit in his hover chair and bark orders at his henchmen.
FREEZA: 2nd-FORM ("furîza dai 2 [ ni ] keitai")

Freeza's second form is an almost complete opposite of his first form, in terms of general physical structure. The two horns on his head now protrude straight out to the sides, and then sharply both turn directly up into the air. Freeza's muscle tone is exponentially increased, which can be clearly seen on his chest and stomach areas.

Freeza's raw strength and speed also increase while in this form. Piccolo, after merging with Nail, appears to be at a near fighting stand-still with Freeza in his second form.

Many people confuse Freeza in his second form with King Cold (in his only form that the viewers ever see). Perhaps King Cold remains in a second-form, or perhaps King Cold is what an older, adult first-form looks like... we'll never know!

DBZ Episode 77; Manga Chapter 296
Increasing in strength, speed, and size, Freeza's second form seems to be simply a larger version of his first form.
FREEZA: 3rd-FORM ("furîza dai 3 [ san ] keitai")

When Freeza decides that he must transform into his third form, he states that no-one has ever seen this form before (which leads us, as the viewers, to realize that Freeza, even only in his second form, has been more than enough to trample over any fighter he has since come across in the universe). The third form is the strangest of the bunch, but also helps set up an amazing contrast that will lead into Freeza's fourth (and final) form.

In this form, Freeza's neck elongates causing his face to somewhat shift around. His nose almost completely disappears, somewhat merging with his mouth. The back of his head shoots back and grows another set of horns, all of which slightly curve into the air, now. The weight of Freeza's larger head and horns must be somewhat large, as he appears to hunch over himself slightly, even when standing up straight. Despite Freeza's speed being more than enough to make play of Piccolo, he becomes fearful of the densetsu no sûpâ saiya-jin ("Legendary Super Saiyan"), even if he will not admit to it. Rather than take any chances, Freeza begins to almost immediately transform into his final form.

DBZ Episode 83; Manga Chapter 302
Much different than his first two forms, Freeza's third form has apparently never been seen by anyone! Strength and speed increase yet again, while the physical form mutates into something completely different. Only staying in this form for a very small amount of time, Freeza would rather not risk the chance and transform, yet again.
FREEZA: FINAL-FORM ("furîza saishû keitai")

Trying to convince himself that he is not afraid of a Legendary Super Saiyan appearing, Freeza takes no risks and transforms for a third time into his fourth and final (sorta) form. As set up by the previous form, the contrast from his third form is incredible. Rather than continuing to increase in size, Freeza turns back into a short, lizard-like, almost harmless looking creature. He will soon show, though, the horrors of this form.

Gone is the "helmet"-like head, which may have actually retreated back into his body; a purple area now takes its place, and does the same on his shoulders and chest, as well. The strange thick lines of orange color and stripes are gone from his face, which is now a smooth, normal white.

While not quite a transformation, Freeza can further adjust his body in this form. While fighting Super Saiyan Goku, Freeza discovers he needs to raise his power to a full 100%. Rather than going through a complete transformation, Freeza bulks up his body, increasing his muscle size and over-all body size, as well. Despite reaching his 100% power, Freeza is still no match for Super Saiyan Goku, and is ultimately defeated. But he's not quite dead, yet... !

DBZ Episode 84; Manga Chapter 304
Freeza reaches his final normal stage and transformation, reverting back to a smaller, more lizard-like form. He is able to bulk-up his body to achieve 100% power, but finds himself much less of a match than he thought he was for Super Saiyan Goku.
MECHA-FREEZA ("meka furîza")

Freeza's remains are found in space by his father, King Cold. Freeza is brought aboard the spaceship and is rebuilt into a new "mecha"-like cybernetic form. The entire bottom half of Freeza's body (not to mention the right side of his face!) had to be rebuilt, along with various other parts of his entire body. Freeza and King Cold return to Earth seeking revenge on Goku, the Super Saiyan. When Freeza finds that Goku has not yet returned, he instead turns his attention on killing everyone else! Ultimately, Trunks appears and kills Freeza for good.

We do not know if Freeza's strength and/or speed has improved much, due to Trunks making such short work of him. Freeza is most likely at least as strong as he was, previously... probably much more so due to his cybernetic enhancements.

DBZ Episode 118; Manga Chapter 329
Upon his arrival to Earth, we discover that Freeza has not been killed, but has instead been "reborn" (in a sense) into a new cybernetic body. Of course, he will promptly be killed by Trunks, but not before looking pretty bad-ass!

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