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  Daizenshuu EX - Multimedia - Music Videos - Featured DragonBall Video  

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There have been quite a number of DragonBall anime music videos created in the past. Alright, that's quite an understatement.... there's been a crapload. Lots of them suck, most are average at best... and then there's that very small group that not only rise above the rest of the DragonBall videos, but single themselves out in the entire community of anime music videos, shouting out, "I don't suck, and I'm quite good!"

This is my way of saying "Thank You!" to these people, and hopefully give them even more exposure than they already have (not that they even need it :P). I don't have a set time for rotation of these videos, and if I'll archive them or not, but we'll see!

NOTE: Only the most recent videos are available for direct download from donated server space (it's just too expensive!). ALL videos are now stored on the "Golden Donut" server space. To download these videos, you must be a member of the site for at least two weeks (and logged-in, of course). It's free to sign up, and only takes a minute. Sign up, and download away! Please realize that on this page, you'll be clicking a link that will take you to invidual entry pages; THESE pages will contain the "Local" download links. Have fun!

Released: July 2002 - "This is DBZ Life"

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[ Scott's Profile ]
[ Direct Download ]

Title: "This is DBZ Life"
Song: "This is Your Life"
Artist: The Dust Brothers
Length: 3:37
Size: 56.6 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: "DragonBall Z"
Editor: Scott A Melzer
Participation: Otakon 2002 ( WINNER: Best Action )

What is there I can say about this video? From the very moment Scott showed me early betas of it, I knew it was going to be something special.

I did as much as I could to help with this video, be it contributing all of my DVDs and ideas, sitting and cycling through footage, tossing in some editing ideas; it's pretty amazing to see the final product. Scott's responsible for just about all of it, but it's really cool to see some of my own ideas and thoughts represented in the final version, as well.

It's an action video, but it's got drama and humor, and can be as deep as you want it to be. Every scene was meticulously chosen for some specific purpose, and almost nothing is randomly put in there (OK, except maybe the ending, which is admittedly a little rushed, but it still concludes the story in a damn good way). Fans tend to cite this as "... the best DBZ music video ever." Is it? That's for you to decide. Regardless of what you may think about DBZ AMVs coming into it, you're in for a shock and surprise if you haven't seen this video, yet.

For more information on why this video is so amazing, check out the Guide to DragonBall Anime Music Videos.

Released: September 2002 - "Fathers and Sons"

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[ Akimbo's Profile ]
[ ]

Title: "Fathers and Sons"
Song: "Still Fighting It"
Artist: Ben Folds
Length: 4:28
Size: 55.2 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: "DragonBall Z"
Editor: Brian "Akimbo" Palacios
Participation: AWA 8 Pro ( WINNER: Best Drama )

Wow. This is something special.

I first saw this video in the late summer / early fall of 2002, when the three tapes from the AWA 8 Professional contest were sent back to me.

If you're in the dark about this, the Pro contest is a blind peer-reviewed system: all entrants send in their videos, and are sent back VHS tapes with all of the submissions without credits, and are given a few weeks to watch them all a few times, and nominate several in a wide range of categories. Soon after this, one video in each category is selected as the winner, again voted by the entrants. Finally, at the con (which took place at the end of September), all of the winning Pro. AMVs were played during the awards ceremony (THIS is when people found out they won! Right there!).

Needless to say, it won "Best Drama" in the professional contest.

For more information on why this video is so amazing, check out the Guide to DragonBall Anime Music Videos.