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"Anime Music Videos" had become almost a prerequisite for anime fansites (more specifically, DragonBall-fansites). Why is this? Taking something from our own culture (the music, generally) and the animation from Japan, and combining them, results in an end product that we can say we, as fans, have helped to create. It's something new that fans can do to show their appreciation and sheer love for the fandom, much along the same lines as fanart and fanfics.

At Daizenshuu EX, you will find some DragonBall videos, but you will also find several other videos to assorted series / movies. Why is this? Well, for one, I (VegettoEX) have been involved with the AMV community at different levels and capacities over the years. This site is one of the outlets I can use to spread my own work. Through this community, I've had the pleasure of meeting some great new friends whose work I would also like to share with you.


[ Project "Doomrider" - Collaborative DBZ AMV Project ]

[ Featured "DragonBall" Music Video ]

[ VegettoEX's AMVs ]
Latest Videos - "Dead In Two Episodes" & "DQCF+P" (AWA Pro 2008)


Why are these here, again?
Long time fans of Daizenshuu EX (and VegettoEX's Home Page) will remember claims that you would never see music videos on this site in any form, EVER. Well, I guess I was wrong. Let me take a moment to explain WHY, however. Years back, I suppose you could say I was relatively ignorant as to the world of anime music videos, as were the vast majority of other website maintainers! We had no idea there was a (large) outside community of music video makers, who would send their creations to contests at anime conventions, etc. To me, "music videos" on DBZ sites were simply 160x120 poorly encoded MPEGs or RealVideo files using fansubbed footage (hey, sometimes people went out of their way to even use commercial VHS.. wow!) Some of these videos would have some neat timing every so often, or would even have a concept to them. However, it wasn't until I accidentally downloaded some real anime music videos (by people whom I now consider idols, teachers, and personal friends, no less) that I stumbled onto the world of real anime music videos. These were creations that had a story to them, were of very nice quality, and simply had a much larger thought process put into them than anything I had seen before.

Here I am, years later, really getting into these things, to the point of even being on and organizing anime music video panels, submitting AMVs to conventions, winning my first prizes at conventions, even running an entire music video contest for a convention and just enjoying myself meeting more and more AMV creators, trading work, hanging out, etc.

I hope everyone enjoys what they find in this section of the site. If I've introduced you to something new, I assure you that it brings a smile to my face. If you're not new to the scene and are picking up some new works as you stumble in, all right! You'll find some excellent work by my friends in here, and maybe you'll even like one of my own. Regardless of who you are or where you came from, I hope you find something you like, and further, maybe even something that touches you.