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Project Doomrider

What if there was a nine-minute DragonBall Z music video? What if some of your favorite AMV editors (and site owners!) participated? What if... it didn't suck?

Such is the idea behind "Doomrider"; it's a multi-editor, collaborative anime music video project with the goal of covering the entire DBZ series (beginning to end!) in a single music video, spread across individual editors. Seventeen tracks, twelve editors, a nine-minute song, and 291 episodes worth of material.

Get Doomrider XviD
(512x384; 10:00; 160 MB; DivX-5-compatible XviD)

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However, the hosting fees are paid by us fans and creators...!
Please help, if you can! Every little bit helps.


Original Project Concept:
Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)

Project Coordinators:
Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)
Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

Technical Coordinator:
Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

Audio Preparation:
David P. (XenoDrake)

Track 01 - Raditz arc:
Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

Track 02 - Saiya-jin arc:
Meredith Cantoni (Meri)

Track 03 - Early Namek arc:
Ryan Molina (Castor Troy)

Track 04 - Ginyu Tokusentai arc:
Tim Park (Doki Doki Productions)

Track 05 - Freeza arc:
Ian Kasloff (DBZ_Doomrider)

Track 06 - Garlic Jr. arc:
James Scharmack (Hitori)

Track 07 - Trunks arc:
Danny Wilson (Dannywilson)

Track 08 - Jinzôningen arc:
Ryan Molina (Castor Troy)

Track 09 - 1st-form Cell arc:
James Scharmack (Hitori)

Track 10 - 2nd-form Cell arc:
Steve Voccola (Grover)

Track 11 - Perfect Cell arc:
Edward Voccola (Maverick)

Track 12 - Cell Games arc:
Jeff Heller (gambitt)
Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)
Meredith Cantoni (Meri)

Track 13 - Ano Yo-ichi Budôkai arc:
Jonathan Tenorio (Wolf Hunter)

Track 14 - Great Saiyaman / 25th Tenka-ichi Budôkai arc:
Ron McClellan (FurryCurry)

Track 15 - Early Majin Buu arc:
David McKeen (mckeed)

Track 16 - "Super" Buu / Fusion arc:
Michael LaBrie (VegettoEX)

Track 17 - "Chibi" Buu arc:
Meredith Cantoni (Meri)