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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Guide to DragonBall Music Videos  

[ Introduction ] [ Influential / Amazing ] [ Other Favorites ]

Music videos have been a pretty big part of the DragonBall web community for quite a few years, now. It started out back in the day with some 160x120 RealVideo encodes from people like Meri and DannyPoo; fun little videos that had some kind of "catch" or concept to them. Eventually, everyone started getting video capture cards and throwing music videos together. Now-a-days, it seems your site isn't complete without some kind of "Music Videos" section, no matter what the quality (or source...) of them may be!

What many DragonBall / web fans are unaware of, though, is that there's a HUGE anime music video community! The first anime music video was actually made about twenty years ago. Two VCRs and a cassette was all you needed to get started! These days, digitally ripping DVDs and producing DVD-quality work is the norm.

But what about DragonBall videos? Where do they fit in? Which ones are worth watching? Where can you see them? Who actually MADE "Particle Man" ?! The point of this section is not to convince you that your favorite Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park / DBZ video is crap. Rather, if one fanboy out there finds one video on this list that has actual artistic merit to it... and likes it... then our goal has been achieved. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on music videos, and hopefully we can share ours and spread the love ^^.

Let it be known that this is, quite obviously, a very biased list. While I truly believe I have seen a great deal of DragonBall music videos... I'm positive that many of you are going to disagree with some of my selections. That's OK! My list is not intended to be gospel; rather, I'd like you to view it as a GUIDE (as the title suggests) to what I hope you will check out and enjoy. If you don't see your favorite video on the list, it may be on my list of second-tier videos (videos which I think are very good, but aren't quite as spectacular or influential as the ones listed on this page). Just keep that all in mind, and remember that you're entitled to your own opinion!

[ Influential / Amazing ] [ Other Favorites ]