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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Guide to DragonBall Music Videos  

[ Introduction ] [ Influential / Amazing ] [ Other Favorites ]

Remember that is is, by its very nature, a very biased list. You don't have to agree with anything I say (which includes inclusions and exclusions of any particular videos). I'm merely offering my suggestions in the form of a guide. In order of fairness, the videos will be listed in chronological order of their releases / premieres.

NOTE: None of these videos are available for download on this site! Many of the videos are stored on the "Golden Donut" server space. To download these videos, you must be a member of the site for at least two weeks (and logged-in, of course). It's free to sign up, and only takes a minute. Sign up, and download away! Please realize that on this page, you'll be clicking a link that will take you to individual entry pages; THESE pages will contain the "Local" download links. Have fun!

September 2002 - Fathers and Sons
Title: "Fathers and Sons"
Song: "Still Fighting It"
Band: Ben Folds
Length: 4:28
Size: 55.2 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: DragonBall Z
Editor: Brian "Akimbo" Palacios
Participation: AWA 8 Pro ( WINNER: Best Drama )

Concept: The generations of families in DragonBall; similarities between the fathers and sons, even without their constant guidance; growing up

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: The parallels between the fathers and sons in DragonBall (thus the title) is something that hadn't been as fully explored, previously, as it was in this video. While the "technical" side of this video isn't always the strongest it could be (a lot of footage was captured from VHS, and thus has some wavy-ness to it, a couple cuts here and there seem kinda awkward), everything else really just over shines those minor faults. You can tell that a ton of love went into the making of this video; not just for the music (which is followed nicely), but also the show, itself. Shots such as the beginning (where the song speaks of food) are perfect examples of this love; shots that are clearly from areas of the show OTHER than its usual primary focus: fighting. While "fighting" is obviously a major part of the show (and part of the concept of this video), it's refreshing to see these humorous areas of DBZ explored (which are otherwise so deeply ignored). Other instances of really knowing the show are with the lyrics "Twenty years from now we'll both sit down and have a few beers..."; it was if Trunks and his father were in mind when the song was written : ). The flying montage just before the three minute mark has a fantastic sense of motion, which only adds to the feelings in the video.

Videos have at times tried to explore the relationship between Goku and Gohan, other videos have tried to do it with Vegeta and Trunks; it just seems like there's not enough "footage" to do either or. By combining the two families, Brian just did a fantastic job of showcasing the different types of family relationships in the show, and like I said... it's just done with so much love, it's impossible not to fall in love with this video, yourself.


November 2001 - All-Purpose DBZ Music Video
Title: "All Purpose DBZ Music Video"
Song: [Various]
Artist: [Various]
Length: 5:22
Size: 46.3 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: DragonBall Z + Live Action
Editor: Meredith "Meri" Cantoni
Participation: n/a

Concept: DragonBall Z videos had just started to become really, really bad. Concepts were being over-used, songs were being over-used, little effort was being put into them... it was is if all these new creators were just using some simple product that did all the work FOR them!

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: The timing on this video just seemed to fit so well. In late 2001, the trend of "LinkinBall Z" videos (yes, we all hate that term) started to come into full force. What better way to respond, as an AMV creator known for DBZ videos in the past, than to parody all the (poor) choices these saps make?!

While the audio on the live action segments gets little questionable at times (re: bathroom), there's just such genuine love for satire expressed by the actor (Andrew "Deluxe") and the editor (Meri), that one can't help but laugh throughout the entire thing, thinking to yourself, "Oh my god, that's SO true!" While it's all meant in good humor, there is at least one little sarcastic lash-out ("Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us"), but it'll still put a smirk on your face... you'll understand.

I don't know what else I can say about the video. A couple people have tried to copy it (badly), but this one definitely stands alone as the greatest.


August 2001 - This is DBZ Life
Title: "This is DBZ Life"
Song: "This is Your Life"
Artist: The Dust Brothers
Length: 3:37
Size: 56.6 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: DragonBall Z
Editor: Scott A Melzer
Participation: Otakon 2001 ( WINNER: Best Action/Upbeat )

Concept: DragonBall Z may be about fighting, but there can be some pretty deep psycho-analysis underneath all that! What is motivating these characters? Why would they do it to begin with? Are they who they really think they are? Why should they bother? Add a twist of humor, and you've got yourself a video!

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: As I'm sure you all know by now, this video is widely considered to be "the best DBZ music video." DBZ fanboys say it, AMV creators who hate DBZ music videos say it. Why is this?

For one thing, there's some insane artistic vision behind it. This video can be as deep as you want it to be. If all you want to see is some fast cuts lined up with lyrics to the song, you've got it. If you want to REALLY get into it and look deep inside these characters' minds, you'll see some pretty messed up motivations and origins of power. As mentioned above, throw in a dash of dark humor, and you've got a winning video on your hands.

In terms of editing, the attention to motion is, for the most part, beyond comparison to most DBZ videos. For example, check out around the 35 second mark; all of the villains are in the exact same position, and the screen seemingly rotates around between them all. Just before 2:30 when Vegeta goes Super Saiya-jin, and the shot of his hand was flipped to make it seem like he looks at both hands... it's attention to minor details like that where the video shines.

Like I've mentioned, this video can be as deep as you want it to be, so I'll try not to spoil much for you. The attention to detail in this video is so great, there's even a hidden "easter egg" in it that very few people have mentioned...!


July 2001 - Traces of Insanity
Title: "Traces of Insanity"
Song: "Crawling"
Band: Linkin Park
Length: 3:37
Size: 35.3 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: DragonBall Z
Editor: Meredith "Meri" Cantoni
Participation: n/a

Concept: You may not realize it, but there can be some pretty incredible depth to any of the DragonBall Z characters. Take Trunks; he comes from a timeline where nearly everyone has died, his mentor has just been killed, he never really knew his father, powerful beings continue to destroy his entire world... and he's suddenly found himself in a completely different "dimension" of sorts. That can really take a toll on the mental well-being of any individual. Best described as a psycho-analysis of Mirai no Trunks.

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: While the visual quality is not the main draw, the sheer STORY that the video tells far surpasses nearly anything other DBZ video creators have attempted. It may be Linkin Park, and it may be "Crawling," but you'll definitely go "Wow..." after having watched this video.

There's a lot of real subtle, effective timing throughout the entire video, beginning with its intro. Some black fades here and there, a few cross dissolves... it all puts itself together very cleanly. There's some very nice metaphorical lyric matches throughout the video, but there's also some extremely nice literal ones, as well. What I like is that when the lyric matches ARE literal, they're not so literal that it makes you think, "Hah, yeah, that's what the song just said." Things like insecurities and emotional consumption are very well represented.

It may not have been the first Linkin Park / DBZ video, but it definitely helped to set the trend. All those who follow can't help but be compared to this video, as it stands before and above all of them.


January 2001 - Trunks Tribute
Title: "Trunks Tribute"
Song: "With You"
Band: Linkin Park
Length: 3:37
Size: 27.59 MB
Format: MPEG-1
Source: DragonBall Z
Editor: Lord Rae
Participation: n/a

Concept: A general character profile / tribute video.

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: It's January 2001. Linkin Park? Who? Lord Rae had this amazing habit of using a song or a band, and it immediately becoming a popular trend among AMV creators. To this day, I still see tons of people using's VAST's "Touched" in videos. Linkin Park's album had just recently come out a few months earlier, and radio play was only beginning to come into the picture.

In comes Lord Rae with what is still one of the finest "LinkinBall Z" videos, and a new genre of videos is born.

While the video may seem a little sloppy in places a few years later, it has such a strong story going for it that you can't help but pay attention. While there's a little bit too much of literal lyric-synching going on ("feet on the floor"), the rest just feels so natural and fits so well that.. like I said... you can't help but pay attention. It's not quite an analysis on the relationship between Trunks and his father, and it's not quite an analysis on Trunks' looking-up to Goku... there's hints to all sorts of things, and they're all very well covered.

You may think it's just an average video, and I can understand that. If you look a little deeper and watch it a couple times, you might see a little more. You can't underestimate, however, just how important this video was to the DBZ kiddies... this is the one that started them off on all the Linkin Park wannabe videos!


February 1998 - Live and Let Die
Title: "Live and Let Die"
Song: "Live and Let Die"
Artist: Paul McCartney & Wings
Length: ?
Size: n/a (no digital copy; VHS-only)
Format: VHS
Source: DragonBall & DragonBall Z
Editor: Scott A Melzer & Matt Johnson
Participation: Katsucon 4 / 1998
Otakon 1998 ( WINNER: Best Action )

Concept: A sentimental, yet harsh, look back on Goku's life; he's forced to become something he's not, but at the same time, he's ultimately still just a child.

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: DragonBall videos hadn't quite reached their level of general disgust in 1998 that we see today, but they were well on their way. "Hard" rock songs to scenes of fighting... it all sounds so familiar. What sets this video apart?

For one, it's the story. It's a pretty cliche story, but one that needed to be told, none-the-less. Goku begins life as an innocent child, but is forced into fighting and facing harsh reality in order to save the world, time and time again. In the end, though... Goku is still just a naive child that wants to help his friends.

Taking the typical story-telling fashion, the video begins and ends in the same way... Goku as a child. As the video progresses, Goku (along with friends and family) is forced into insane situations where he must fight and really face the facts... life is tough, and it's going to be a struggle. Just as in the actual DragonBall series, it appears that Goku might not be able to make it... with the help of his friends, though, Goku is able to overcome any adversary, and the heroes save the day.

The video was done on 2-VCRs (and if you read Scott's story, you'll know that it was actually THREE VCRs... ouch!). There are a lot of examples of timing that's slightly off (Trunks' sword in the movie nine scene), but it just flows so beautifully that it's hard to deny the grandness of the video. Hopefully we'll see a digital remaster when all of the source footage becomes available on DVD (many of the scenes were taken from VHS copies of LaserDisc footage).


March 1996 - Particle Man
Title: "Particle Man "
Song: "Particle Man "
Band: They Might Be Giants
Length: 2:05
Size: 7.21 MB
Format: MPEG-1 (low bitrate)
Source: DragonBall & DragonBall Z
Editor: Duane Johnson
Participation: Katsucon 2 (1996)
A-Kon 7 (1996)

Concept: DragonBall!! Comedy!! They get into a fight, Triangle wins, Triangle Man!!

Artistic Merit / Why It's Here: This video's a LOT older than most people think! I know that it's been online at least since 1998 when it was hosted on SonGohan's site (a site which I'm sure very few people other than myself actually remember); even then, this file wasn't encoded by Duane, himself (it was captured by SonGohan for his site). Duane did encode a small QuickTime version, but it's extremely hard to come across.

Back when it was still OK to make DB videos because there was not yet such an ugly preconception, Duane decided on a silly fighting video, basing it off the video he saw on Tiny Toons. The result? His most "prolific" video to date... despite most people not even knowing who he is! Ever since SonGohan hosted this video, it's been floating around for years, now, without any credits.

It's a very simple video (obviously made with two VCRs), but still stands the test of time. Each character is given a specific role to play, they fight, someone wins, next match! Roles are cleverly given to provide the greatest slapstick fights possible. There was some really nice 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai footage for 1996, too, lemme tell ya'!

You've probably seen this video, laughed your ass off, and had no idea where it came from. Well... now you do!


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