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  Daizenshuu EX - Multimedia - Images - DB Manga Ending  

When Greg Werner posted up images of the new ending to the DragonBall manga (from the final volume of the Japanese re-release), it was still April 1st in the United States... leading many fans to dismiss it as a hoax (many coming right off of our own "DragonBall AF" prank!). What they failed to realize, however, is that it was actually April 2nd in Japan, and the images were real~! The 34th and final Kanzenban volume really does have a completely new, four-page, semi-color ending, written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, himself.

The purpose of this section is to showcase both the original manga ending, as well as the new one, but also much more; we'd like to discuss the differences between the two, and explain why it is so significant that a mere four pages is actually a big deal. So, while this may not be your typical "image section" for a manga, we hope you enjoy what you see!

We've given a few pages of a lead-in for the original manga ending, so you can figure out just where to situate yourself in the story. Also, note that we've provided completely raw Japanese scans of both the original and new ending; obviously, Viz Comics owns the right to produce this manga in English (as seen by their distribution of the DragonBall manga in the US), so we will not be stepping on their feet, so to speak. We have provided text files with translations of all dialogue and sound effects, though, so you're not completely on your own!

If you'd like to purchase the final kanzenban, here's the direct link to its entry over on Amazon Japan; note that most of the reviews mention the new ending, as well~!

After you're done reading and checking out both the original ending and new ending, come tell us what you think of them over on our dedicated thread on the forums!

Original Shônen Jump / Tankôbon Ending (1995) — by Akira Toriyama

The final pages of the original ending to DragonBall, as written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama in 1995. These particular scans were taken from the second daizenshuu ("Story Guide"), which presents the entire final chapter in a large-size full-color presentation.

All images JPEG; 660x1010; 60%

01 - Final Chapter, Page 12 -- [ text translation ]
274 KB
02 - Final Chapter, Page 13 -- [ text translation ]
254 KB
03 - Final Chapter, Page 14 -- [ text translation ]
227 KB
04 - Final Chapter, Page 15 -- [ text translation ]
277 KB
05 - Final Chapter, Page 16 -- [ text translation ]
230 KB
06 - Final Chapter, Page 17 -- [ text translation ]
223 KB
07 - Final Chapter, Page 18 -- [ text translation ]
249 KB
New Kanzenban Ending (2004) — by Akira Toriyama

On 2 April 2004, the final two volumes of the kanzenban were released. Much to our surprise, a completely new four-page ending to DragonBall had been drawn by Akira Toriyama specifically for this release! These pages are scanned from their full-color release in the final, 34th kanzenban. Note that page 229, here, takes the place of page 17 from the original ending's chapter.

All images JPEG; 660x1010; 60%

01 - Kanzenban 34, Page 229 -- [ text translation ]
204 KB
02 - Kanzenban 34, Page 230 -- [ text translation ]
192 KB
03 - Kanzenban 34, Page 231 -- [ text translation ]
178 KB
04 - Kanzenban 34, Page 232 -- [ text translation ]
188 KB
Thoughts On the New Ending — The Daizenshuu EX Staff

Julian: I've personally always felt that the original manga ending was a bit too abrupt — I guess this means that Toriyama thought so, too! I especially like how Uub gets to ride on Kinto-Un. Not only does this show a cute moment that this character doesn't originally get (after all, the next time you see him is in the GT anime, where he's all grown up!), but it also shows that Goku's put some thought into this. By showing that Uub is pure of heart, it also shows that Goku had actually picked a worthy successor. It also completes the circle of Goku's progression from student to teacher more fully, just as the upper panel on page 230 (recalling Goku as a child) hints.

However, I don't like the fact that Toriyama removed his original "farewell" message from the very last page. It was touching... and besides, the Vegeta panel serves no real point. If anything, it makes the series a better setup for GT. O_o;; I mean, Vegeta was supposed to be over his rivalry by then! But still, it doesn't detract too much from an otherwise much more satisfying ending, which is why I like this version better.

VegettoEX: One thing that Julian pointed out to me was the mention of the Dragon Balls, themselves, in the original ending. The original hints that the world will be OK thanks to the Dragon Balls... isn't this exactly what the story was going against at this point, though?! Rather than depending on the Dragon Balls, the heroes were taught and told to rely on themselves to save the planet and friends that they loved so much; by inferring that since they had Dragon Balls everything would be OK... well... that just kinda went against the flow of things.

The new ending changes this, and says that the world will be OK thanks to the great bunch o' guys that live on the planet. It's a much more uplifting message, and brought a much wider smile to my face.

I, too, miss Toriyama's farewell message, and feel that ending it on Vegeta was a little strange... but whatever. I agree that the new ending fits the story in a more fitting way, and was extremely excited to read it.