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  Daizenshuu EX - General - Tidbits - DragonBall Z 3 Extras  
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After Budokai 3 had been released in the US (17 November 2004), it didn't take fans long to start noticing "extra" things within the game and hidden away in the programming that just didn't add up. Between all of the extra voice samples in the "Memories of..." capsules (hints of a Super 17 battle?), and the extra character announcements (including Bulma; see our "Rumor Guide" for more information) found in the audio samples on the disc, it just seemed like the game wasn't quite as polished as the developers had originally intended.

When the game was finally released in Japan approximately three months later (10 February 2005), fans assumed that some extra features would be included (in the previous two games, the Japanese release saw extra costumes, additional stages, etc.). Interestingly, none of the "extras" that were assumed to make the game (such as a fully-playable Bulma or more "Dragon Universe" stages) actually made the cut.

- The Extra Costumes

Some of the items that did indeed make the cut were three additional costumes for characters. These costumes could be unlocked through the password system in the "Dragon Arena" mode (which, in turn, meant that you had to finish the appropriate "Dragon Universe" stages in order to first unlock "Dragon Arena"). Each character's respective password is some kind of uniquely-identifying quote.

  Goku (w/ Halo)
JaanaM inna-! Shinda
raMata Aouna- !
(click for larger images)
"Jaa na, Minna--! Shindara mata aô na--!"
"Seeya later, everybody--! Let's meet up again after you die--!"

Gahaha Saikou da!!!-
Saikou nokibu nda!!!
(click for larger images)
"Gahaha, Saikô da!!! Saikô no kibun da!!!"
"Gahaha, this is the greatest!!! It's the greatest feeling!!!"

  Future Trunks (w/ armor and long hair)
DoumoS umimas enOmat
aseshi mashit a
(click for larger images)
"Dô mo sumimasen. Omatase shimashita."
"I'm so sorry for making you wait."

There is also a so-called "Super Vegeta" that can be unlocked via a password in "Dragon Arena" ( GL@nhK aU!pL+ RJ$Pkf znDvf% ZW#sXp ZGa(Oi ). In actuality, this is not an extra in the Japanese version; this same "Super Vegeta" (which is really nothing more than a suped-up Vegeta with a glow) can be fought against in the American version of the game, as well. This password unlocks no extra costumes, and is merely a character to fight against in "Dragon Arena".

- The Extra Movie Clips

While the American version of the game only had two movie clips to unlock (the instrumental and vocal openings from Budokai 2), many fans thought there were extra movies to unlock, since the American strategy guide indicated that there were two additional "Baba's Crystal Ball" capsules to purchase. Alas, these files do not even exist on the game disc, and therefore cannot be purchased.

However, the Japanese version of the game did indeed include an additional three bonus movies to unlock (purchased as more "Baba's Crystal Ball" capsules).


DBZ2 TV Commercial

This movie is simply a very short television commercial for the previous game, DragonBall Z 2 (known as Budokai 2 in the US). The song played is the vocal version of the game's opening ("Kusuburu Heart ni Hi o Tsukero!!"). At the end, a scouter is featured!

(click for larger images)


DBZ3 Promotional Video

This movie was featured on the official website before the game's release. It features Goku (Masako Nozawa) and Vegeta (Ryô Horikawa) discussing all of the game's new features, while the game's vocal opening ("Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!") is played. At the end, Vegeta concludes that "Kakarrot" is indeed number-one!

(click for larger images)


DBZ3 Ending

This movie is the ending to the game's "Dragon Universe" mode, played in a small, center square (over top the Earth's background flying by at high speeds). As you've probably seen by now, the game's ending plays major events and fights from the series and movies using the in-game engine, while an instrumental of the game's theme ("Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!") plays.

(click for larger images)

- Other Extras

The only other real "extras" in the Japanese version of the game would be the vocal opening theme (which the original European release of the game had, anyway), and the fact that character mouths actually move on menu screens (which was not in either the original European and American releases of the game).

Nothing else has been confirmed in the Japanese release of the game, including things such as a playable Bulma and Freeza (1st-form) in his hover-chair. These things are obviously programmed into the game, but do not appear to be unlockable through normal gameplay means. For additional info, please see our "Rumor Guide".

Download the Budokai 3
Japanese Vocal Opening!
[ ZIP Mirror #1, 29.7 MB ]

- European & American "Collector's Edition" Releases

The European "Collector's Edition" version of Budokai 3 was released in Fall 2005. Months before, the hype began to build that it would include not only the option to select the Japanese vocal track for the characters in the game, but that the Japanese version's extras would also be available for unlocking.

The North American "Collector's Edition" saw its release on 9 November 2005. After a slight debacle in which Atari mistakenly included the original (non-Greatest Hits) pressing of the game (and set up a return program for buyers to obtain the correct disc), it was confirmed that the game did indeed include the three extra costumes (unlocked with the same passwords listed above) and the Japanese voice cast as a selectable option. However, the game does not include the Japanese vocal opening, nor does it contain the extra "Baba Movies" found on the Japanese version of the game.


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