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  Daizenshuu EX - General - Podcast - Episode #0060: Old Gaming Magazines  

These images are included as references for Episode #0060 of our podcast. Click all content images for full-sized versions.

Nintendo Power

Issue #1
July/August 1988
The very first issue of Nintendo Power previewed the very first DragonBall game ever, which came to the US in disguise as Dragon Power.
Electronic Gaming Monthly

Issue #51
October 1993
In October 1993, EGM previewed the original Super Butôden for the Super Famicom, showed off the upcoming Super Butôden 2, and even previewed the deluxe version of the arcade fighting game, DragonBall Z: V.R.V.S.

Issue #54
January 1994
In January 1994, EGM previewed the arcade game DragonBall Z, a 2D fighter that never saw a home-console release (even in Japan).

Issue #61
August 1994
In August 1994, EGM gave us a glimpse of what Bandai's PlayDia would be capable of, and even gave us a sneak-peak at the upcoming Super Famicom game Super Butôden 3.

Issue #65
December 1994
In August 1994, EGM gave us a a huge six-page preview of the Super Famicom game Super Butôden 3.

Issue #68
March 1995
In March 1995, EGM previewed the arcade game DragonBall Z 2, a 2D fighter that never saw a home-console release (even in Japan).

Issue #72
July 1995
In July 1995, EGM previewed the first DBZ game for PS1, Ultimate Battle 22.

Issue 90
January 1997
In January 1997, EGM showed some love to DBZ with a shout-out on a top ten list, and an award-winning envelope art.

Issue 97
August 1997
In August 1997, EGM geared-up for the impending American release of Final Bout by showcasing a little bit of the Japanese version.

Issue 98
September 1997
In September 1997, EGM got even more excited for Final Bout with its full-page spread of the game, detailing the game mechanics and mentioning its US-airing TV series counterpart.

Issue 101
December 1997
In December 1997, EGM finally got around to reviewing Final Bout. To this day, no-one knows which magic version of the game they were able to play that didn't suck.
Back in the day, gaming magazines used to have giant advertisements for import shops in the back. Whether you were looking for games, CDs, wall scrolls, model kits, etc... you could order it. Here are a couple random pages showcasing these ads.
And what version of Final Bout was this...?!? Why didn't it look this good when it came out...?!?