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DragonBall is well-known for its special attacks, with the Kamehameha perhaps being one of the most popular attacks in all of anime history. What Akira Toriyama does with these attacks and various characters can get interesting at points. Sometimes characters will create a new version of their own attacks (like T'ao Paipai and the "Super Dodonpa"). Sometimes, though, characters will actually flat-out "steal" (let us say "borrow", instead) attacks and techniques used by others!

We will attempt to break down all of the instances where one character's attack (usually a signature attack for a period of time) is used by at least one other character, presented in the chronological order that they are first "borrowed" (going by both the manga as well as the TV series and movies, since that gives us more material to discuss, though we will not consider video games for this discussion). It may only be once, but in most cases the time that they borrow these attacks is a critical story point.

Or it could just be a Cell Jr.

NOTE: We will be indicating attacks and techniques that were added to the TV series or movies (and did not appear in the original manga) with text in this color.


Original User: Kame-Sen'nin

Kame-Sen'nin developed and took fifty years to master the Kamehameha (roughly, but without full evidence, "Turtle Destruction Wave"; there is no true meaning behind the hiragana characters, other than kame presumably coming from Kame-Sen'nin, and the general attack name a suggestion from Toriyama's wife). It is a beam-like, projectile technique where the user (traditionally) cups their hands together by the side of their body, and then thrusts them forward. Other than perhaps Bukûjutsu, the Kamehameha ended up becoming the most-borrowed attack in the entire series! From friends, to villains, to villains-becoming-friends, back to villains again... at the end of the day, it seems like everyone is capable of tossing out their own version of the Kamehameha.

Son Goku
After watching Kame-Sen'nin perform the attack, Goku tries it out. No 50 years necessary!
Battling Chiaotzu at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Kuririn unveils he is able to perform the Kamehameha!
Also at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Yamcha uses the Kamehameha in his fight against Tenshinhan.
Cell Jr.
Tenshinhan proves how useless it is to its own originator at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai.
It was no surprise to see Cell, comprised of so many others, using the Kamehameha.
If Cell was able to use the Kamehameha, it made sense for his offspring to also use the attack.
Son Gohan
Son Goten
Majin Buu
Presumably learned while training with his dad, Gohan never uses the attack until the Cell Game.
While mispronouncing it as "Kamekameha", Goten follows in his family's footsteps with the attack.
Taking a newly-SSJ3 Goku by surprise, Majin Buu uses his own variation on the Kamehameha.
At the end of DBZ movie 11, Trunks contributes to the "Triple" Kamehameha to destroy Bio-Broli.
Gotenks is about to finish off the "Pure Evil" Majin Buu with a Kamehameha, but the fusion runs out.

In addition to being one of the most-"borrowed" and adapted attacks (Goku firing it from his feet, the variation Cell and Majin Buu transformations continuing to use it, etc.), the Kamehameha has the distinction of being one of the only attacks that has been used in groups in a combination-style attack. While this only occurred in the movies, it is always an impressible spectacle, none-the-less.

DBZ Movie 2
DBZ Movie 10
DBZ Movie 11
Goku, Kame-Sen'nin, and Kuririn all launch their own Kamehameha to fight back against Dr. Uîro.
The entire Son family each contribute to a massive "Triple" Kamehameha in the fight against Broli.
Kuririn, Goten, and even Trunks all toss their power to a Kamehameha to take down a giant, sludgy Broli.

DBZ Movie 3 also had a combined group attack, though not everyone used the Kamehameha. In this particular example, Goku, Yamcha, and Kuririn used the Kamehameha, while Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu appear to be using the Dodon-pa (or at least a variation on it).

DBZ Movie 3
Son Goku


Original User: T'ao Paipai

The Dodon-pa (roughly "Ka-boom Wave", with "dodon" being an onomatopoeia that indicates a loud "bang" or very heavy "thud") is initially seen as the answer to the Kamehameha. T'ao Paipai used it on Goku to at least somewhat moderate success (it knocked him down!), and appeared to pass it down through his family and their underlings. It is a beam-like, projectile attack fired from a single finger, though T'ao Paipai later creates the "Super Dodon-pa" as a cyborg, fired from his mechanical arm.

At the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Chiaotzu uses the Dodon-pa in his fight against Kuririn.
At the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Tenshinhan is next to use the Dodon-pa, this time against Goku.


Original User: Mutaito

The Mafû-ba ("Demon-Sealing Wave") was originally used by Mutaito (the master of both Kame-Sen'nin and Tsuru-Sen'nin) to seal Piccolo-Daimaô away. The user forms a swirly mass in the air that traps the victim, and then they swing their hands down to move them into the jar for capture.

Kame-Sen'nin successfully performs the attack, but unfortunately misses the jar and then dies.
Tenshinhan is able to master the technique after watching Kame-Sen'nin use it against Piccolo.
"Shen" (Kami-sama in human disguise) attempts to seal away Ma Junior, but has it bounced back.


Original User: Kuririn

The Kienzan ("Ki Disc Blade") is a spinning projectile attack that slices anything it comes in contact with. Kuririn first uses it against Nappa, who initially planned on catching it until Vegeta yelled out for him to dodge it at the last second. The user extends their arm straight up into the air and forms the attack from within, extending up above their head.

Cell Jr.
Shocking even Kuririn, Cell's variation on the Kienzan is like Freeza's, following their target.
Cell Jr. uses a more traditional Kienzan in the fight against the heroes, with a single blade fired.

Power Ball

Original User: Unknown Saiyan

While probably not quite created by any brilliant Saiyan scientists, the Power Ball is a technique used to create artificial moonlight, and thus the necessary Bruits Waves to transform an Ôzaru. The user forms the ball of light from within their palm, which then floats above their hand. They then toss it up into the air, where it must "burst" and "mix" with the planet's oxygen, and only then produces the necessary 17 million Zeno to set off the transformation.

Vegeta creates a Power Ball on Earth to go Ôzaru after realizing the Earth no longer had its own moon.
Tullece creates a Power Ball to force Gohan into going Ôzaru, taking down the area and his own dad.


Original User: Piccolo

The Makankô-sappô ("Demonic Death-Cannon of Penetrating Light") was developed by Piccolo as a finishing move for Goku during the years after the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai. Much to his (first) dismay, and (then) delight, he was able to not only take out the invading Raditz with the attack, but ultimately Goku, as well. The user must concentrate and charge their ki by placing two fingers on their forehead, and then extending that arm forward (with the same two fingers extended). The blast is a piercing beam spiraled around itself.

Cell Jr.
Majin Buu
Before confusing with the Kamehameha, Cell first astonishes Piccolo by using his own attack on him.
Cell Jr. keeps the "borrowing" going by using Piccolo's attack on a newly-SSJ2 Gohan.
After Buu absorbs Piccolo, it is again no shock to see the technique used again, this time against Gohan.


Original User: Tenshinhan

The Taiyô-ken ("Fist of the Sun") is a defensive maneuver showcased by Tenshinhan at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai which blinds everyone but the user (unless they are wearing sunglasses). The hands are brought up to the face in front of the eyes with fingers spread, and a blinding light flashes for a few moments.

Goku uses the Taiyô-ken twice: to blind Tenshinhan and later an Ôzaru Vegeta, giving credit each time.
Though performed slightly differently, Kuririn also uses it to escape, this time from Dodoria.
Used both in his first and second forms, Cell ultimately blinds everyone so he can absorb #18.

Shishin no Ken

Original User: Tenshinhan

The Shishin no Ken ("Fist of Four Bodies") is how Tenshinhan creates "twelve eyes"; he splits into four individual Tenshinhan! Unfortunately, each of the four has only one-fourth of the overall power and speed of the original, which Goku is able to see through pretty quickly. It is worth noting that when Cell borrows the attack, Tenshinhan describes Cell's version as not lowering his speed and power into fourths (see below).

Cell attempts to confuse Goku by splitting into four, but Goku has already seen this done before...!


Original User: Tenshinhan

The Kikô-hô ("Ki/Spirit Cultivation Cannon") is a technique showcased by Tenshinhan that can kill its user simply by requiring such a massive amount of personal energy be put into it. Tenshinhan first uses it against Goku at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai (and destroys the ring with it), but is not actually killed by it until he uses a one-handed version on Nappa in an attempt to avenge Chiaotzu's death (traditionally, two hands are placed in front of oneself in a sort of triangle/"V"-shape, leaving an empty gap above the thumbs to aim with). Tenshinhan upgrades this to the Shin Kikô-hô against Cell, where he uses successive blasts of the attack to prevent Cell from getting up off the ground.

Cell Jr.
Cell Jr. keeps the "borrowing" going even further, using the Kikô-hô on a newly-SSJ2 Gohan.


Original User: Son Gohan

While the name would lead you to believe it would be used for evil, the Ma-senkô ("Demon Flash") is Gohan's first signature attack, used against Nappa after Piccolo's death (and used significantly more in the TV series than in the manga). He would proceed to use it as his main ki attack until learning the Kamehameha sometime during his training with Goku in the Cell arc. The user semi-cups their hands in front of themselves up by the forehead (instead of down by the side, like the Kamehameha), and extends their arms forward, palm on top of palm, firing the blast. Daizenshuu seven notes that Piccolo is able to perform this attack, though we never actually see him do so.

(Future) Trunks
In DBZ Movie 8, Trunks joins a younger version of his master with the attack on Broli.


Original User: Son Goku

We had seen many characters move at incredible speeds over the course of the series (including using techniques like the Zanzô-ken to create after-images), but it was not until Goku returned from Yardrat and showcased Shunkan-idô ("Instantaneous Movement") that teleportation was truly possible. Goku must concentrate and focus in on someone's ki to be able to go there. While the first time he uses the technique he does not do so, all later uses have Goku place two fingers on his forehead, possibly to assist with this concentrating and honing-in.

After Goku teleports them to Kaiô-sama's planet, Cell managed to "learn" the technique on his own.


Original User: Metamorans

When Goku returns from the afterlife for a single day and ends up becoming involved with Babidi's plot to resurrect Majin Buu, he is forced to battle against a "Majin" Vegeta, and then ultimately showcase his new SSJ3 form against Majin Buu. With his time on Earth shortened, Goku teaches Piccolo "Fusion", a technique used by the people of the planet Metamora to temporarily combine two fighters into one with amazing new power (the fusion typically lasts thirty minutes, though special transformations on top of that may shorten the length of time). In turn, Piccolo teaches the technique to Goten and Trunks, who were supposed to be the new protectors of Earth, but you can't really trust the fate of the world in the hands of a cocky fusion of a seven-year-old and an eight-year-old... There are other versions of "fusion" and "merging" showcased over the course of the series (for example, the Namekian assimilation and via the Potara earrings), but this particiular fusion is notable for its amusing dance and requirements that the users be at least approximately the same size (and hopefully power, since Goku notes he would actually decrease in power were he to fuse with Mr. Satan!). For more information on the various types of fusion and the resulting characters, check out the "Fusion" page of our "Transformations" guide.

Though they mess up at first, Goten and Trunks finally form into Gotenks to take on Majin Buu.
With single appearances in DBZ Movie 12 and DBGT, Vegeta and Goku form into Gogeta.

Renzoku Super Donuts

Original User: Gotenks

While Gotenks had already shown off his Galactic Donut, that particular attack used a singular "donut" to trap the opponent. With Gotenks now at SSJ3 and Buu becoming increasingly upset and violent, Gotenks upped the anty with the Renzoku ("Continuous") Super Donuts. This series of circular blasts surround and trap the opponent. In the case of Gotenks and its use, he then uses the trapped Majin Buu to go into the Ultra Assault Buu Buu Volleyball attack.

Majin Buu
After absorbing Goten & Trunks, Buu uses the new attack to trap Gohan upon his return to Earth.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Original User: Gotenks

Gotenks creates a wide variety of attacks in preparation for his rebout with Majin Buu, but it is not until he showcases the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack that one is at least halfway effective! Gotenks spits up a ghost version of himself which explodes upon any contact. Gotenks is able to form multiple ghost entities, all of which will follow his orders (though they are just as silly and careless as he is). Majin Buu is ultimately able to re-form before Gotenks and Piccolo can destroy every single last piece, but it was a valiant effort, none-the-less.

Majin Buu
Majin Buu decides to steal Gotenks' attack after absorbing him, though it's ultimately useless.

(jigen ni ona o akeru)

Original User: Majin Buu

After Piccolo destroys the entry way to the Room of Spirit and Time, he is trapped inside forever... along with Gotenks and Majin Buu (despite the fact that Gotenks hasn't even come close to releaving his true power). In an amazing fit of rage, Majin Buu screams at the top of his lungs, and much to his own surprise, manages to rip a hole in the very fabric of time and space! Buu jumps out through the hole, and begins to once again wreak havoc upon the Earth. The hole closes behind him, leaving Piccolo and Gotenks still stuck inside...

Piccolo & (SSJ) Gotenks
(SSJ3) Gotenks
Piccolo and Gotenks try to rip a hole of their own by screaming together, but it is no use.
Once Gotenks bumps it up a notch to SSJ3, he is able to scream and rip a hole all on his own.


Original User: Yamcha

Long before Yamcha developed the Sôki-Dan for the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, his signature attack was the Rôga-fûfû-ken ("Wolf's-Fang Hurricane Fist"). Yamcha dashes in with incredible speed and claws away at his opponent with furious swipes. He ends the attack with an open-palm push into the air or otherwise into the distance.

Gotenks borrows Yamcha's attack to use on Aka in the 2008 Jump Anime Tour Special.


Original User: Tenshinhan

Tenshinhan seemed to unleash new technique after new technique during the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai. One of his most "interesting" attacks was the Haikyû-ken ("Volleyball Fist"). Tenshinhan seems to play the roll of both the one serving and also responding, as seen by his verbal, "Iku wa yo / hai" ("Here I go! / Okay~", which itself hints more toward female volleyball...), following along with his combo-attack of hits... along with the goofy eyes and hearts.

Gotenks borrows Tenshinhan's attack to use on Aka in the 2008 Jump Anime Tour Special.

Universally-Borrowed Techniques

With the explicitly-borrowed attacks out of the way, it would also make sense to take a look at some of the more general techniques that are borrowed (or perhaps "re-used" without any explicit "borrowing" going on). Over the course of the series, there are bound to be variations on attacks that characters will use that are not inherently related to each other, but due to their "generic" nature, we should at least point out a couple examples. Not quite following the logic here? Let's take a look:


Once the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budôkai rolls around, flying seems to become the norm. There is also the generic version of flight (hikô) which is used by characters like Giran, Tambourine, and Cymbal (all of whom have actual wings). It is interesting to note that daizenshuu seven lists Jinzôningen #16, #17, and #18 as also using this generic version of flight, rather than Bukûjutsu, and despite them not having wings.


While it ultimately becomes incorporated to an eclipsed by sheer speed in and of itself, the after-images of the Zanzô-ken provide an invaluabe dual-defensive/offensive maneuver for a variety of characters. The number of after-images can be increased with practice and mastery of the technique.

Generic Ki Blasts

The Kikô-ha (not to be confused with Tenshinhan's Kikô-hô) are the smaller, standard ki blasts usually shot from a hand or palm. Once characters begin to control their ki to a larger extent, these attacks (sometimes used as defensive maneuvers or distractions) evolve into more sophisticated versions like the Renzokô Kikô-ha (continuous ki blasts), and even Freeza's (and Cell's) Yubisaki kara Renzokô Kikô-ha, which is a series of continuous blasts specifically from their fingertips.

Eye Lasers / Beams / etc.

Jinzôningen #19 and #20 used eye beams in their destruction of an island, but other characters have used attacks from their eyes. The Kôsengan is attributed to Piccolo-Daimaô (and Junior), Tenshinhan, and Freeza (for example, in the anime, Piccolo zaps Gohan while training him to keep him on-guard). Kaioshin and Majin Buu are able to emit a wave of ki from their eyes just by looking at their opponent with the Ki-aigan.

Telepathy / Telekinesis

Various characters use their psychic powers over the course of the series. For example, Kanashibari no Jyutsu is used by "Jackie Chun", Blue Shogun, Chiaotzu, Gurd, and Kaioshin to completely stop their opponent from moving, while Kokoro o Yomu allows the user to sense someone's past.


While inititally done by raising fingers to create an explosion (most notably by Nappa upon landing on Earth, but also used by Piccolo and Cell), variations include the Kobushi no Shôgeki-ha (used by Goku with only his fist) and the Zenshin kara no Shôgeki-ha (used by Vegeta and Majin Buu by extending their limbs outward, though not to be confused with Vegeta's Saishyû Saigo no Waza, his "ultimate, final skill" used in an attempt to kill Majin Buu, but ultimately resulted in only his own death.

Ki Barrier

As seen with techniques like Bukûjutsu, not every bit of ki manipulation has to be offensive in nature. Using one's ki to create some sort of physical barrier is a perfect showcase of this, done by characters like #17, Cell, and Vegetto (the latter of which uses it in perhaps the most interesting way in the series).

Variations ("Probably-Borrowed" or Technique Adaptations)

There are several attacks over the course of the series that look like another attack, and can be used the same as another attack... but because the character does not seem like they would know such a similar attack, because the character does not verbally name it, or perhaps even because official guidebooks have given no name to them, these are in the "close, but no cigar" camp.

Piccolo - Mafû-ba...?

At the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budôkai, Shen/Kami-sama attempts to capture Ma Junior (Piccolo) in the Mafû-ba just as had been done on the original Piccolo. However, Ma Junior has developed the "Reverse Mafû-ba" which captures Kami-sama in a jar just like the original attack. It seems like a deflection, but still...

Piccolo & Kuririn - Shishin no Ken...?

Only used in the TV version, Piccolo has used his own variation on the Shishin no Ken at least twice, with both him and Kuririn teaming up to use it against Nappa (with only three splits, each). They are both advanced enough at this point that it is not out of the question for them to to use it, though daizenshuu seven lists them as using Bunshin to create these additional duplicates of themselves, rather than Shishin no Ken.

Son Goku - Genki-Dama...?

Goku is the one and only character to ever actually form a Genki-Dama over the course of the series, but it is important to note that he was taught the attack by Kaiô-sama. Kaiô does not appear to have been ever able to master it personally (did he even have a need to?), but he passed down the knowledge.

Son Goku - Kaiô-ken...?

Similar to the Genki-Dama, Goku is the only one ever shown to be able to use the Kaiô-ken, despite being taught how to use the technique by Kaiô-sama himself (who the technique is clearly named after). We never saw Kaiô teach the technique to any of his other pupils, either, which is extremely curious.

Kuririn - Genki-Dama...?

Technically Kuririn did not actually create the attack on his own; the energy was donated to him by Goku. However, Kuririn was indeed able to form it into the ball, and was able to seek out the ki to toss it at. Therefore, while he perhaps can not "use" the attack on his own, he can at least help out with it!

Vegeta - Kienzan...?

Vegeta uses a circular, sharp ki attack to cut off Ôzaru Gohan's tail. It is true that he had seen Kuririn use the attack twice now (once against Nappa, once against himself as an Ôzaru). Vegeta is a rather capable fighter, so perhaps he adapted it for his own use right then and there...? Or was it just generic...?

Freeza - Kienzan...?

While Kuririn first identifies Cell's attack on Gohan as being his own Kienzan, it was perhaps more along the lines of Freeza's attack, the Tsuibi ("Homing") Kienzan. Freeza's versions follow the opponent, but have the same purpose of being fast, sharp, slicing devices for the purpose of chopping off some heads.

Cell - Genki-Dama...?

While Cell never actually uses the attack in anything other than more recent video games, he does verbally note that he could even use the Genki-Dama if he wanted to. Whether or not he was bluffing or the logistics would work out in the end are unknown, since he never actually used it.

Jinzôningen #18 - Kienzan...?

In #18's fight against Mighty Mask, sooner or later it was going to come out that it was really just Goten and Trunks fighting together as one. #18 uses a Kienzan-like attack to cut the outfit in half, revealing the true culprits. Since she is married to Kuririn at this point, it may perhaps be a regular ol' Kienzan.

Gotenks - Haikyû-ken...?

While Gotenks does use (and give credit to) the Haikyû-ken in the 2008 Jump Anime Tour Special in the fight against Aka, his Ultra Assault Buu Buu Volleyball done in conjunction with Piccolo could almost be seen as his own, personal variation on the attack.

Son Goku - Kienzan...?

As soon as Goku returns to the battlefield after being given the Potara earrings, he immediately forms a Kienzan-like attack to cut Majin Buu in half and deflect an attack on Gohan. Goku even forms this one directly above his head like Kuririn does, so it is possibly a standard Kienzan.

Vegetto - Big Bang Attack...?

It is a little difficult to consider this a "borrowed" attack since its originator is one-half of the fusion. Nevertheless, Vegetto uses his own variation on the Big Bang Attack against Majin Buu. This particular version is more of a stream-like projectile, but still has the massive destructive power of the original.

Majin Buu - Kai-Kai...?

After Kaiôshin teleports Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan, and Bay from the exploding Earth, Majin Buu seems to teleport himself off into space. Having never seen Goku's Shunkan-idô but just seeing Kaiôshin's version of teleportation ("Kai-Kai"), it can be assumed that Buu instantly taught himself at least a variation on this.


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