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  Daizenshuu EX - Guides - Movie Guide - DragonBall Z Movie # 5  
[ Main Information ] [ Detailed Synopsis ]

DragonBall Z Movie # 5

"Tobikkiri no Saikyô tai Saikyô"
("The Incredible Mightiest vs. Mightiest")

"Cooler's Revenge"


Basic Synopsis

The movie begins, actually, with a scene from the first DBZ TV special; Bardock (Goku's father), has challenged Freeza to a battle with the intent of killing him. Freeza, however, has different plans; using a giant Death Ball, Freeza annihilates not only Bardock, but the entire Saiyan race (along with Planet Vegeta). We then see this happening through the viewscreen of a spaceship; Freeza's brother, Coola, is watching the event. One of his crew spots a Saiyan space pod that escaped the planet's destruction, and asks permission to destroy it. Coola declines, stating that this is Freeza's problem; he should reap what he sows with his own carelessness. He decries his brother as "too soft," and his ship departs just as Planet Vegeta explodes. 24 years later, Coola receives a report stating that Freeza has been killed.

Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn go on a camping trip, and are attacked by Coola's henchmen. Coola wants to fight Goku and discover the true strength of the legendary "Super Saiyan" that supposedly killed his brother. Coola shows off transformations similar to Freeza, taking it one step further (a fifth transformation that Freeza did not have). Goku, however, is either reluctant or unable to transform, and is eventually forced to the wall. With his friends out of commission and his strength depleted, a dying bird landing in his hands pushes him over the endge and causes him to turn into a Super Saiyan (and miraculously bring the bird back to life at the same time, apparently). He now showcases this raw power against Coola. Coola believes he has finished off the Super Saiyan with a Death Ball even larger than any of Freeza's, but is surprised and destroyed as Goku knocks him into the sun with a massive Kamehame-Ha.

We see Coola's body disintegrate as he is pushed into the intense heat of the sun, while he suddenly realizes that he has been defeated by none other than the Saiyan he let escape all those years ago...

Back on Earth, it seems like everything's back to normal...but where's Piccolo? Gohan runs up happily when he sees a nearby pile of rubble begin to stir, but it's actually Coola's henchman, Sauzer! He prepares to attack, but is unable to as he is killed by one of Piccolo's techniques. Gohan calls after Piccolo, who bends down to quench his thirst from a stream. He looks up, and the end credits begin!

[ synopsis written by Michael LaBrie ]


Special Notes

DBZ Movie Five marks the last production FUNimation would release with the English dub featuring "real" American bands performing the soundtrack (until Movie 8, anyway). Movie Five is also the first (and only, thus far) to contain THREE language tracks; English, Japanese, and Spanish. English is provided in both 5.1 and 2-channel stereo formats, while both the Japanese and Spanish tracks are in their original mono sound. All language tracks have their own closed-captions / translations that are individual to their specific versions. The Japanese and Spanish versions (found only on the uncut DVD) retains the original Japanese score, of course, as well as fabulous translated subtitles provided by Steven J. Simmons.


Release / General Information

Japanese Premiere Date: 20 July 1991
Japanese Premiere Location: Toei Anime Fair
Japanese Availability: VHS
Domestic Release Date: 22 January 2002
Domestic Availability: VHS (English Dubbed, Edited)
VHS (English Dubbed, Uncut)
DVD (English Dubbed, Edited)
DVD (Hybrid English / Japanese / Spanish, Uncut)
Opening Theme: "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA"
[ Lyrics ]
Ending Theme: "Tobikkiri no Saikyô tai Saikyô"
(“The Incredible Mightiest vs. Mightiest”)
[ Lyrics ]


Main Staff

Producers: Chiaki Imada
Rikizô Kayano (Shueisha)
Original Story: Akira Toriyama (Weekly Shônen Jump Serialization)
Planning: Kôzô Morishita
Kenji Shimizu (Fuji TV)
Weekly Shônen Jump
Production Supervisor: Yûichi Suenaga
Screenplay: Takao Koyama
Background Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Art Director: Masazumi Matsumiya
Animation Director: Minoru Maeda
Directorial Supervisor: Daisuke Nishio
Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto


Principal Cast

Son Goku: Masako Nozawa Sean Schemmel
Son Gohan: Masako Nozawa Stephanie Nadolny
Piccolo: Toshio Furukawa Christopher Sabat
Kuririn: Mayumi Tanaka Sonny Strait
Oolong: Naoki Tatsuta Bradford Jackson
Chi-Chi: Mayumi Shô Cynthia Cranz
Kame-Sen'nin: Kôhei Miyauchi Mike McFarland
Karin: Ichirô Nagai  
Yajirobe: Mayumi Tanaka Mike McFarland
Coola: Ryûsei Nakao Andrew Chandler
Sauzer: Shô Hayami  
Naise: Masato Hirano Bill Townsley
Dore: Masaharu Satô Mike McFarland
Freeza: Ryûsei Nakao Linda Chambers Young
Bardock: Masako Nozawa Sonny Strait
Narration: Jôji Yanami Kyle Hebert