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  Daizenshuu EX - Ask VegettoEX  

We all frequent message boards and online forums (such as, and we all contribute as much as we can. Unfortunately, we don't KNOW of all the places people post questions, so it's impossible for us to reach everyone. However, if you're reading this, you at least know where WE are, so it's possible for you to ask us directly.

What we're going for here is sort of an "Answerman" or "Ask John" (from Anime News Network and Anime Nation, respectively). We'd like you to e-mail in whatever questions you may have, so long as it somehow relates to the world of "DragonBall"; be it the manga, the anime, merchandise... whatever. We've been around for a few years, now, and we know the ropes... we like to think we know our stuff.

And we want to help. E-mail your questions to with the subject "Ask VegettoEX." We'll try to update this section every Saturday, with at least one question straight from the fans. Thanks!


[ Last Updated: Sunday, 12 October 2003 ]
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Q. In your humble opinion, is anything important ever going to happen in with Dragon Ball ever again, from US releases to events in the DBZ web community? - Sam "General Tso" Spencer

A. It's really hard to say, but at this point, I think it's save to guess that.. well.. no, nothing huge is going to happen, again. The original DB is nearly out on DVD and nearly done on TV, DBZ is nearly all out on DVD and nearly done on TV, DBGT is slowly going along on DVD (but hasn't yet really started on TV)... so... there's no HUGE hype going on TV with it, anymore.

As for Japan, eh. The kanzenban are still coming out, and a new daizenshuu-type book has come out, but unless they do another anniversary movie in the future, I just don't see it really taking off, again.

There's not much left to do with the series, other than just continue to love it in our own ways ^^.

Q. And what's up? Why the new interest in DB? Does Ms. ToT still come over to your dorm room and talk DB? - Sam "General Tso" Spencer

A. Dude, we've been together for three years, now :P. Figure it out for yourself :D.

Q. I've been wondering if you've ever made any close friends who started out as fans of the site? I realize that it's awkward to have people stalking you at cons, and such, but do you ever get to meet any of us crazy web visitors and hang out? - Eric Faris

A. Hmm.. that's actually an interesting question. Believe it or not, I've actually met only one other SINGLE website maintainer (other than Meri) in my six years of being on the web... and that was JUST last weekend! At AnimeNext, we ran into Maggie (who runs "Lovely Cyborg"... check it out, great site!). OK, I guess I've met Chris Richards (who ran "Dragon World Z"), but he doesn't count, since he's more of an AMV person :P So nope... I haven't even met any of the people who have ever worked on my site! That include Julian, who's actually not that far off.

As for fans of the site, yeah, I've met and hung out with a few. I think Otakon 2001 was the last time I really did so, though (and even then, it was only two people). I think last year a couple people (in passing) knew what my site was, but weren't really into it. Since I was gone for so long, it doesn't surprise me that no DBZ fans have come up to me at cons recognizing either me or my site.

As for AMVs, though... that's a different story. Christ, I had a dinner with 70 of my fellow AMV peers at AWA a couple weekends ago :P. They're all a great bunch, but it's a TOTALLY different kind of community (in fact, I like it a lot more ^^;;). It's starting to get to the point in my AMV "career" where people are starting to know me as VegettoEX from AMVs, rather than as VegettoEX from the website... and that creeps the living Hell out of me :D.

Q. Is the origin of Yamcha's scars ever explained?

He doesn't have them at the beginning of DB, but seems to appear with them for the first time when everyone reunites for the 23rd Budokai (i.e., around the time Goku marries Chichi). I haven't seen all the episodes around this point in the story, but no other characters seem to pay his scars any mind, leading me to believe one of two things:

1) The scars are a retrofit on the character; i.e., Yamcha's "always" had them, and they just weren't hit upon or drawn by Toriyama until later in the story.

2) They're unexplained, as some things simply are in Dragonball.

I recall reading something about the scars being the result of an attack by/with a cursed sword, but I think this was a fanfiction, and not a canonical story point. Any light you can shed on this minor mystery is appreciated. :) - David Pieczkiewicz

A. You pretty much get it with your numbers one and two. Yamcha just "shows up" with them at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai in the original DragonBall, and no-one even mentions them, nevermind tries to explain where they came from.

You'll notice that he didn't have them yet during his training with Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Kuririn before they all headed off on their own, so it's presumed he got them during his own individual training in the time before the tournament.

So yeah... it's just another one of Toriyama's mysteries!

Q. There's a scene I've been seeing in random music videos and video clips where teen Gohan is fighting Majin Buu in the middle of a bunch of city ruins. Gohan's wearing an orange gi, and he looks as old as he did in the Buu saga, but I've seen the Buu saga, and I don't recall ever seeing that particular fight. - Smile83775

A. Sorry, but since I already had my own image made, I just took that instead of your attachment :P. I've actually answered this question NUMEROUS times across many message boards, so it's nothing new to me ^_~.

The image, above, is actually from the opening animation to the PlayStation game DragonBall: Final Bout (which was re-titled DragonBall GT: Final Bout when it was released here in America; September 1997). We'll eventually have the full animation up for download, here on the site, so look forward to that! :D

Q. Was it ever clarified why Trunks never had a tail like Gohan? - A.P.

A. Sorta kinda... but not in DragonBall. In the first issue of the domestic Shonen Jump (January 2003), a fan asks Toriyama why Goten and Trunks don't have tails, to which Toriyama simply replies:

"It seems that tails are a recessive trait."

What does this mean? One of two things:

1) Toriyama planned this from the start (unlikely), or
2) He forgot about tails by the time he came up with Goten and Trunks, and thus never bothered to explain the details of their tail situation :P

Q. Kuririn doesn't have a home of his own, does he? Even after getting married and having a child, he STILL lives with Kame-Sen'nin (which he's been doing since after the 21st Budokai), along with his family! With an old man like Kame-Sen'nin around, I certainly wouldn't want *my* wife living in the same house as him. - Clay Reynolds

A. Like you said in the original e-mail, it's definitely more of an observation than question :P. But it's true! We first see in the We Gotta Power opening animation that Kuririn and #18 are hanging out at Kame-Sen'nin's house. Throughout the course of the Buu saga, we constantly see the "family" either at Kame-Sen'nin's, or.. just.. elsewhere.

I think it's safe to say they don't have their own stable home. Then again, other than the Son and Briefs families.. who does? :P

Egads! One week of one question for Julian, and then I come back to be bombarded with questions from all my adoring fans :P... hehe. Keep it up! E-mail us your questions for next week's update! No matter which one of us ends up answering, you're sure to get your money's worth (and don't complain if you don't, 'cuz you didn't spend anything anyway)!

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