DAN DAN 心かれれてく / DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ’ku / Bit by Bit, You’re Charming My Heart
Dragon Ball GT Opening Theme, 10th Anniversary Movie Ending Theme
Izumi Sakai
Tetsurô Oda
Takeshi Hayama
  English Translation: Julian Grybowski  
Translator’s Note:
The lyrics to this song were written by ZARD lead singer Izumi Sakai (the band contributed the second ending theme to GT, “Don’t You See!”). The version used as the opening theme of Dragon Ball GT and the ending theme of the 10th Anniversary Movie, however, is performed by the band FIELD OF VIEW. The one by the band that wrote it came out after FIELD OF VIEW’s version, making it a sort of “self-cover.”
Lyrics in Japanese Romanized Japanese Lyrics Lyrics in English
DAN DAN 心魅かれてく1
果てない暗闇2から飛び出そう Hold my hand

子どものころ 大切に想ってた景色3を思い出したんだ 
光と影の Winding Road 今でも あいつに夢中なの?
少しだけ 振り向きたくなるような時もあるけど

DAN DAN 心魅かれてく1
きっと誰もが 永遠を手に入れたい
ZEN ZEN 気にしないフリしても
果てない暗闇2から飛び出そう Hold your hand

あんなに飛ばして生きて 大丈夫かなと思う
僕は…何気ない行動5に振り回されてる sea side blue
それでも あいつに夢中なの?
二人の会話が 車の音にはばまれて通りに舞うよ

DAN DAN 心魅かれてく1
何かあると一番6に 君に電話したくなる
ZEN ZEN 気のないフリしても
結局 君のことだけ見ていた
海の彼方へ 飛び出そうよ Hold my hand
DAN DAN kokoro hikarete ’ku1
Sono mabushii egao ni
Hatenai yami2 kara tobidasô Hold my hand

Kimi to deatta toki
Kodomo no koro taisetsu ni omotte ita basho3 o omoidashita n’ da
Boku to odotte kurenai ka
Hikari to kage no Winding Road ima de mo aitsu ni muchû na no?
Sukoshi dake furimukitaku naru yô na toki mo aru kedo
Ai to yûki to hokori o motte tatakau yo

DAN DAN kokoro hikarete ’ku1
Kono hoshi4 no kibô no kakera
Kitto daremo ga eien o te ni iretai
ZEN ZEN ki ni shinai furi shite mo
Hora kimi ni koi shite ’ru
Hatenai yami2 kara tobidasô Hold your hand

Okotta kao mo tsukarete ’ru kimi mo suki da kedo
An’na ni tobashite ikite daijôbu ka na to omou
Boku wa...nanigenai shigusa5 ni furimawasarete ’ru sea side blue
Sore de mo aitsu ni muchû na no?
Motto kikitai koto ga atta no ni
Futari no kaiwa ga kuruma no oto ni habamarete tôri ni mau yo

DAN DAN kokoro hikarete ’ku1
Jibun de mo fushigi nan da kedo
Nani ka aru to sugu6 ni kimi ni denwa shitaku naru
ZEN ZEN ki no nai furi shite mo
Kekkyoku kimi no koto dake mite ita
Umi no kanata e tobidasô yo Hold my hand
Bit by bit, you’re charming my heart
With that dazzling smile.
Let’s fly away from this endless darkness! Hold my hand.

When I first met you,
I remembered a place that I held dear when I was a child.
Won’t you dance with me?
On a winding road of light and shadow, even now, are you lost on him?
There were just a few times where it seemed like I wanted to turn back,
But holding on to love, courage, and pride, I’ll fight on!

Bit by bit, you’re charming my heart,
A piece of the hopes of this world.
Surely, everyone wants to attain eternity.
Even though I pretend I don’t care at all,
Look, I’m in love with you!
Let’s fly away from this endless darkness! Hold your hand.

I like you whether you look angry, or you’re tired,
But I wonder if it’s all right to live in such a hurry all the time.
As for me...I’m tossed about by your casual behavior in the seaside blue.
But evevn so, are you lost on him?
I had something more that I wanted to ask, but
Our talk is interrupted by the sound of cars, and wafts into the street.

Bit by bit, you’re charming my heart,
And though it’s strange, even to me,
I want to call you right away and tell you there’s something there!
Even though I pretend I feel nothing at all,
In the end, I’ve only had eyes for you.
Let’s fly away toward the sea! Hold my hand.
1 The kanji 魅 (み) appears in place of the proper kanji in the verbal gerund 引かれて (ひかれて).
2 The kanji 暗闇 (くらやみ) are read here as 闇 (やみ).
3 The kanji 景色 (けしき) are read here as 場所 (ばしょ).
4 The kanji 宇宙 (うちゅう) are read here as 星 (ほし).
5 The kanji 行動 (こうどう) are read here as 仕草 (しぐさ).
6 The kanji 一番 (いちばん) are read here as 直ぐ (すぐ).
1 The kanji “mi” (“charm,” “fascination”) appears in place of the kanji in the verb “hikareru” (“to be charmed”).
2 The kanji read “kurayami” (“total darkness”), but the furigana simply read “yami” (“darkness”).
3 The kanji read “keshiki” (“scenery” “landscape”), but the furigana read “basho” (“place”).
4 The kanji read “uchû” (“the universe,” “Space”), but the furigana read “hoshi” (“star,” “planet”).
5 The kanji read “kôdô” (“actions,” “behavior”), but the furigana read “shigusa” (“gestures,” “behavior”).
6 The kanji read “ichiban” (“first thing,” “number one”), but the furigana read “sugu” (“immediately,” “soon”).
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