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Contrary to what you think you'll find here, we are not hosting any actual DragonBall manga "scanlations"; rather, we have something even better. There has been some fantastic releases in recent years, some from Toriyama, himself. What are we talking about? Parody manga! We currently have Neko Majin Z 3, and NMZ4 available for translated download. In addition to the Toriyama-sensei's work, we are also currently hosting a translated download of something just as great — a DragonBall parody chapter by Yoshio Sawai, author of Bobobôbo Bôbobo~!

Translations all by Julian Grybowski. Thanks to Alias from our own forums for the Neko Majin Z 3 raws, and EvilGamerX for the Bôbobo parody raws. None of the files hosted on this site have been licensed for American distribution, and as such, will be treated as "fansubs" in the eyes of this site's maintainers. Files and collections will be removed upon license and/or request of original copyright owners.

Neko Majin Z 5 removed August 2007 due to its English-translated publishing by Viz in October 2007's Shonen Jump in North America.

[ Neko Majin & Neko Majin Z 1-2 available @ Toriyama's World ]


Monthly Shônen Jump:
February 2004 (Japan)

Just what is Neko Majin Z 3, you ask? Great question! The Neko Majin series is a collection of short one-shot chapters Akira Toriyama has been writing for Jump in Japan. It began with Neko Majin, which soon turned into another few chapters (entitled Neko Majin Z).

It's a parody manga, and takes place in what appears to be a variation on the "Dragon World" that we're all familiar with. There are Saiyans, members of Freeza's race (such as everyone's favorite new character, Kuriza), and other super-powerful people. The amazing Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, even makes a guest appearance in this chapter! It really is just an absolutely hilarious read, and we're proud to present to you the first scanslation of Neko Majin Z 3.

[ Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2 ]

Special thanks to godofchaos & Ashyukun
for the mirrored hosting!


Monthly Shônen Jump:
January 2005 (Japan)

We're assuming, by now, that you've at least read Neko Majin Z 3 and have a decent idea of what to expect from the Neko Majin Z series. If not... what are you waiting for?!? Check it out, above!

Now that you're ready, what should you expect from the fourth installment of NMZ? Well, you're getting yet another special guest appearance... this time by a rather unlikely hero! Here's a hint...

"He looks a lot like you! The same character, even."

That's right, a certain pink dancing fool shows up just in time to help out our new friends. And what's this?!? Z's prized possession is...?!?

[ Mirror 1 ]

Special thanks to godofchaos
for the mirrored hosting!


Monthly Shônen Jump:
February 2005 (Japan)

So now you've read up through Neko Majin Z 4, and you can't even begin to imagine what's next. Who will make the next cameo? Well, if the cover to the left is any indication...!

Goku-sensei has gone off in search of his pupil (Neko Majin Z). There is a new enemy that no-one can defeat... not even Goku or Uub! Z is their only hope, but first the obligatory battle of teacher versus pupil must take place!

With a forehead-smacking amusing ending, Neko Majin Z 5 marks the end of Toriyama-sensei's run with the series. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for such a great little series.

[ link removed due to domestic publishing ]

CHAPTER 228: ONE ON ONE (Bobobôbo Bôbobo parody)

Shônen Jump Gag Special:
December 2004 (Japan)

Many of today's hottest manga authors all draw huge influence from Toriyama-sensei, and nothing's more amusing than seeing them parody this influence.

Yoshio Sawai (Bobobôbo Bôbobo) authored this parody for Shônen Jump's "Gag Special 2005" issue, released on 01 December 2004 in Japan. While this parody is initially set-up as a direct reenactment of the battle between "Goku" (Tokoro Tennosuke) and "Vegeta" (Don Patch), things quickly take a turn for the funny!

Note that this isn't actually a chapter in Bôbobo; it's a stand-alone parody.

[ Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2 ]

Special thanks to godofchaos & Ashyukun
for the mirrored hosting!